Been a longtime…

Longtime no blog…

How’s everyone been?? Boy so much has happened with me in the past couple of months.

Let me do a quick run through of all that’s happened.

Remember this from my last post?

Well that’s pretty much all that’s been happening, still just believing God for a miracle and a pleasant birthday present (November 29th) in form of a better paying job.

Well God came through. I had a phone interview on the 27th of November, went in for an in person interview on the 28th of November. On my way home from work, I got a call that they’d like to offer me the job. November 29th, my birthday, I signed my employment agreement and was officially employed.

God is so wonderful. I declined extending my contract at York in faith that I’d get something else, and I did.


You know what?? I’m gonna continue this in a video.


Stay Tuned…

Happy Valentine’s Day 

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