Bills, bills, bills…

These past two weeks ending 11/11/18, have just been about job search, spending money I don’t have, calculating bills and trying to figure out how I’m gonna pay all of them.

The Tyler Perry Scene ended

Firstly, Monday the 29/10/18 I got rid of that my “housemate” that was trying to use me and felt very entitled to my help. I actually had to miss work that day just so I could sort out all that drama and get it far away from me. And spend the rest of the day at the auto shop to get my winter tires in. Just happy that I’m free.

And then there was the Car and the accompanying bills…

Now this car, though a very very high necessity because of my son especially. I won’t lie and say it’s not costing me a lot. Yes it cost only $2k but all the accompanying costs are what is putting me in a bad place financially. I didn’t really take all these things into consideration. Let me break it down for you.

I’ve bought winter tires. To get a certificate to get my plate sticker, had to pay for a safety check to be done . Car didn’t pass safety because of minor things like, license plate light dead, and sun visor missing/low. Went on to get all of that fixed and replace both sun visors. They may sound so little but even the used sun visors costs more than I expected and everything adds up.

The killer though, is the car insurance. That’s like $284 a month and gotta pay for first and last month immediately. Expecting them to take the payment for this month too *phew* 😰. Who knew owning a car in this part of the world would be so expensive?? I certainly wasn’t ready. There’s no way of escaping the insurance either, cos you have to have it to even register the car.

Getting through it all..

I’ve been worrying a lot, though I’m trying not to these days. Just casting all my cares to God and I know he will do something. Hoping that something is a better paying job so I know where money is coming to clear all these credit card bills. Honestly thank God for credit card if not I wouldn’t have been able to even do anything. Would’ve just had to park the car till I have the money.

As usual exhaustion has been my middle name and I’ve felt like I’m drowning. From financial worry and general tiredness from just having to go at this thing alone and parent alone.

My sons dad has been trying to keep in touch these days and be helpful (wonder why). He actually even helped by sending some money, which is a shocker. I thank God all the same that he was able to help in this time, because he hasn’t been very reliable, still honestly won’t rely on him. My mindset is, if he sends, thank God, if he doesn’t? Oh well, I’m doing what I gotta do on my end to take care of things. Though the help is really needed and indeed helpful.

Oh and I need to give special thanks to Emeka (remember him from when he babysat during my interview?). Yes Emeka is such a good friend. God bless his kind soul.

I did however attend a bridal shower in Oakville, for two lovely ladies I had never met. You see I joined a group for Nigerians in the Greater Toronto Area. There are two ladies getting married in Nigeria this December, so someone from the group decided we throw them a bridal shower. I drove there with another lady from the group who I had never met but had be talking to, thanks to the group. Had a good time and it was nice to meet all these ladies, most of them are married though. Oh and Uche, Uche who I had spoken to in Nigeria, when we were both applying. I finally met her at the bridal shower. Fun times!! (I went with my son of course).

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We Job hunting again…

My job application has intensified because getting this car, my bills are now more than my earnings. I would really love to continue working where I’m working, but with better pay. I’ve applied to various direct hire jobs in the university and hoping one comes through before my term is over. Oh I didn’t even add that, I now pay for parking every month about $117 in addition to gas of course. Smh

I don’t wanna complain too much cos the car is really serving me but still, it’s a whole lot I’m trying to adjust and rise to. God help me.

Back to job hunting, I’ve really intensified and send in at least 5 applications each weekday. I went for two job interviews last Monday, got called for second rounds, but didn’t go because just felt they weren’t worth it. The painful part is I had to miss work and it’ll cost me, also I was late to pick up my son, so that’s some extra money to pay. They charge $1 per minute in late fees and I was late on two occasions, once 9 mins late, the other 25 mins 😭.

Winter is coming…

ElRoi got kinda sick so took him to the clinic and we found out his ears were infected. The doc put him on antibiotics for 10 days. As I write this though, he’s all better now and he can stop the antibiotics. However, I’ve bought him ear plugs to stop water from entering his ears when showering. Will still take us for flu shots tomorrow.

I even got sick, still quite congested, find it hard to breathe but got this decongestant that helps me to sleep at least. I only use it twice a day, in the morning and at night, so I don’t get addicted. At least the cough/sore throat has gone, they are the worst.

Finding ways to make extra cash with limited resources…

Exciting news however, I made some money over the weekend. I’ve decided to start doing amendments/alterations since I can’t really get into full swing sewing yet. I need to buy a serger, cover stitch machine and a used industrial sewing machine, to give my work a professional finish.

So I took my machine with me, drove to Brampton to do some alterations and also take measurements. Got home late like 10:21pm cos it’s like 42 minutes away. The next day (Sunday) I had someone who was referred to me, come over to braid her hair (kinky twists). Didn’t make as much cash off of that as I would’ve wanted , but it was still something and I’m grateful I have skills that can come in handy. Also I’ve made a new friend. Apparently her spirit agreed with me from speaking to me over the phone. Yay to me having an amazing aura/spirit. 😁

Have really been soul searching to really find out where I wanna take this whole fashion/sewing thing to. I’ve come to the conclusion that my passion is in the actual sewing and making of stuff with my hands, rather than in being a big fashion designer. I mean I have a lot of fun designing my own clothes to wear and even more fun bringing them to life with my own hands. So I’m gonna focus on that. Probably look into working for/with designers and making the odd piece for sale too.

Well that’s pretty much all that’s been happening, still just believing God for a miracle and a pleasant birthday present (November 29th) in form of a better paying job.

Take Charge,


PS: lol, I legit had to call the church to hold on and not deposit my tithe, so I could have more cash towards gbese. Thankfully they were understanding, but I’m gonna be owing so much in tithe by the time I’m done paying everything off 😭😭.

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