Day care, they care…

ElRoi started his new daycare on Monday. It’s the Open Arms Preschool and I actually love it, ElRoi loves it too. It is actually the first daycare I ever checked out and dare I say ElRoi and I loved it immediately. I always knew he would end up there but it was more expensive for me to pay cash for. So my intention was to wait till I get subsidy before he attends. 

As of Monday he hadn’t gotten subsidy but the administrator and I worked something out. She’s actually so nice. She gave me an invoice of $1130 (there was a discount from York region). The bill included the app that lets me watch ElRoi at school. Usually fees are to be paid at the beginning of the month, but she gave me till the 15th, she was aware of my situation.

Daycare Subsidy

My prayer came to pass. I had the meeting/interview with York region about daycare subsidy on Wednesday. It was approved and I got full subsidy (meaning I don’t have to pay a dime for daycare). They were pretty fast about it too because it took effect the very next day. I was so overjoyed. Another weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you Jesus. The administrator was so happy for me too. She called to congratulate me on the good news. I only have to pay for three days and also the app. I’ll always have to pay for the app from my pocket because it’s just an added benefit.

As time goes I’m to update them (York region) about my job and income. They give the subsidy based on your income, but they usually start newcomers off at $0 income. Once you get a job and file your first taxes, it could change. But mostly single mothers pay little or nothing. Two income households usually pay something, unless one is a student or both. Subsidy is given by region, so it depends on the region you live. The process may differ based on region. Some have high wait times/long wait lists and others don’t.

Also I don’t know if I mentioned before? But let me mention again. To qualify for subsidy, you have to be working or in school. If you’re married both of you should be working or in school. You can only apply to the region you live in. It’s best to check out daycare’s and know which one you want to put your child in before your interview.

I always enjoy watching ElRoi at daycare through the app. They have cameras so I get to watch him live, not some recorded video. Also there’s another app where they send you updates. When he’s checked in, what and when he eats, when they change his diaper, when he naps/wakes up. They also update with pictures during some class activity or something. I loooooveeeee it.

Random Pictures

My colleague at work is getting a promotion sort of which means her position is open. I’m about to swoop in there like a hawk on coke (don’t ask me 😵).

Something interesting happened in my life this last week. I can’t share details about it for now, because it doesn’t only involve me. I have a lot to think about and a huge decision to make. A life changing one at that, but I know God will see me through and everything will work out for good.

No Car Woes

Started the process to see about financing a car. Apparently because my credit history is new, I don’t qualify for zero down payment and they only accepted if I paid $3000 first. Don’t have that at all so car’s a no no once again. Was trying to buy a nice used car but a much newer model. Also each time they pull your credit score, it reduces, its reduced so much I’m so sad 😭.

I just keep thinking of what to do. How am I to manage with my son in the snow? We can’t use a stroller and I can’t afford to spend $500 on the kind that works well in the snow. Better to put that money towards car. I guess it means my son is gonna have to do a lot more walking, but that’s just gonna slow my commute down even more ☹️. Praying for a miracle.

Weekend was a hella lazy one. Didn’t go to church.

Have a great week y’all.



P.S: Corniest title in the universe, I know! lol


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