Government and the church coming through…

Little by little I’m getting settled in and may not have so much sweet gist for you guys. Lol

Not too much happened in the past week. Work got a lot more busy, learnt a lot, made a few mistakes, nothing too major. My colleagues and I are getting more comfy with each other. Especially the one I share workspace with. She’s a sweet Chinese girl, we share a lot of laughs too.

Went for a job interview on Wednesday, had to close early. Went well I guess, honestly don’t want any weekend shifts and they asked about that too. Honestly my current workplace is just the best, I only wish it paid more. 😔

Got more cheques from the government. Yay!!! Something they call trillium and then the GST and HST ones. From next month all will enter my account directly. Though the GST/HST one isn’t paid monthly. Bought some fairly used stuff off of one lady for ElRoi for winter. Lots of clothes and four pairs of shoes for $100 including delivery (I figured it was a great deal).

The weekend was a very busy one. Did the usual laundry and total house cleaning, then went to buy some clearance sales summer clothes for my son. Didn’t buy too much they really had cleared it I suppose. Was just trying to buy affordable stuff for next summer.

For the first time ElRoi made a scene while we were out. Don’t understand what was wrong with him. He just kept crying the whole time at that store. I ignored him for the most part. When we got out waiting for my friend, I danced and sang for him. Eventually it was one of those YouTube videos that shut him up. Lol

Also he spoilt my laptop, it wasn’t charging so I thought it was the charger. Went to buy a new one at Best Buy and found out my charging port was spoilt. It’d cost $150 and three weeks to fix, just told them I’ll see them later. Not ready for those expenses right now. Though when I got home, I found out I can use it on AC power but it won’t just charge. Better than nothing I guess. Really need to buy ElRoi a tablet so he can free my laptop for me, especially since I don’t have a TV yet.

Went to the mall with Ify, ate and did a little happy feeling shopping. The type that’s not necessary but you do every once in a blue moon to make yourself happy. Bought some la senza goodies to feel sexy and hot with myself. 😉

Thanks to Brenda the kind, the church arranged for someone to pick me up from home to church. They also dropped me off, and gave me three very full bags of groceries. I was actually surprised, because when the lady asked me, I said I wanted only onions and cereal. Next thing she brought out a whole bunch of stuff from her trunk. But I’m so grateful for them. Also the pastor invited me to his house for thanksgiving with his family. Still not sure if I’m gonna go though.

Sunday was visiting day but the one where I was visited. Had three different people come by and they all clashed at some point. One actually came to make her hair though. The other two just came to check in. We had pizza and wings and my son got to play with his friend Jason. Was a good afternoon/evening of gist and laughs.



P.S: Friday was ElRoi’s last day at the daycare he was in. He starts a new one on Monday.

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