Brenda the Kind and Bonnie the Thoughtful…

I’ve worked a whole two weeks in Canada. Feels good to have somewhere to go to everyday, and also just feel useful.

The first week was alright, pretty slow because I was still trying to get access to stuff. Had orientation the 13th, met some other temps. One of them was also working for the first time in Canada, she came from the U.K. I was actually the only one with a contract as long as three months. A lady from the YUSA (York University Staff Association) came and gave us a talk. Apparently most permanent staff of the university started off as temps.

By Friday I had access to most stuff. Still need access to like two more things though. So Friday is when work began. I actually enjoy how the days go by so fast. Except the weekend though. Sunday I went downtown to visit some family friends, and ended up at the beach. It was also like the last weekend with really hot weather so needed to capitalize on that. Think my son is a lover of water like me.

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Before I forget. I visited a new church on Sunday, it’s a nice and small/cozy Anglican Church not too far from home. Only that I have to walk like 20 mins to get the bus and then it’s just the next stop. Smh! The service was short and sweet, and the people were really friendly. The lady at the door “Brenda” was the nicest. She introduced me to her family members and she looks super good for her age. ElRoi went up to the tiny tots church, while I stayed downstairs. Testimony time came and you know your girl had to give one. I don’t pass up a chance to glorify God for his goodness in my life because he’s really good to me. The pastor said I was very bold to stand up and give a testimony my first time there.

So many people came to say hi and chat a little after the service. Brenda gave me a $25 Starbucks gift card and wrote her number at the back. Also she took me to this thing they call “Open cupboard”. Basically it’s a cupboard full of all sorts of things that one may need. Anyone whether a member or not can pop in at anytime to get stuff they may need. It’s always open at all times. I thought that was a pretty dope idea. Brenda ensured that I went shopping from the cupboard 😁. She even went ahead to put it into the stroller for me, whilst I was talking to others. Everyone kept offering to give me a ride, but I was going out of everyone’s way.

Second week of work was much more busy. Also went by fast. I’ve gotten the hang of the things I’ve learned so far and it’s rather fulfilling. On Wednesday I overslept and woke up sooo late that neither myself or my son could shower. Just brushed my teeth, didn’t even have time to brush ElRoi’s. I literally just grabbed him from the bed in his pajamas and dressed him on the bus. I gave him a wipe down with wipes and changed his diaper and all, on the bus. Couldn’t even take any breakfast or lunch, so was starving. Fortunately it was someone’s Birthday at work, so I had two slices of cake for breakfast. For lunch I decided to use my Starbucks gift card.

Friday was the D-day. I was already nervous about my drive test before the day even came. The driving instructor came to get us at 6am. I fed only ElRoi, I didn’t eat and I was also on my period (big mistake). The test was in a small town called Lindsay, 1hour 15 minutes from me. I drove us there (don’t tell on me).

On getting there, I drove around the town as practice/a lesson for like an hour. By the time it was time for the test I was exhausted, shaky and hungry. I probably should’ve told the guy I needed to rest before taking the test, but I went with it. Unfortunately I didn’t pass and all the money I spent wasted. The test itself cost about $89 and I paid the guy $280 for two lessons and to rent his car for the test. It was that much cos we had to go outta town. All that money down the drain 😭. To be honest, it’s still haunting me for some reason.

The biggest news this last week was me getting my Canada Child Benefit cheque. Spoke to one of my friends about it on Monday morning, just wondering when they’d send it. Was super broke so I needed money bad and didn’t know what to do. Had started begging people to patronize me (HoneyBFashion) on social media. Next thing my other friend called me that I received mail. Told her to open it and to my surprise it was the cheque. Yay!!! They paid for August and September. So I’ll be receiving it 20th of every month from now on. The next day I set up my direct deposit so they’ll just pay it straight into my account.

God is really awesome. This money every month will really go a long way in raising ElRoi. I gotta open an account for him this weekend. Gotta start saving for college/university. Receiving that cheque made me even more glad that we moved here. It’s just such a relief to be somewhere that cares about its people. Sigh, my country Naija, when will you ever?

That’s all really about the last two weeks. I’m currently on the bus to work and it’s officially fall. It’s cold outside. My hands and ears are so cold. Gotta get a hat and gloves for fall. I got ElRoi ready for winter and I’m semi ready. I’ve decided that I may just have to brave this winter without a car, cos can’t even really afford one anytime soon. Everyone’s told me I should budget at least $4k but preferably like $6k to get a really good used one. Definitely won’t have that by November and not interested in financing it. So I’ll just cut my coat according to my cloth and relax on that matter.

I actually started researching for strollers that would work well in the snow. They are all so expensive. Also cos the one I have almost fell apart on Friday when I was trying to get on the bus. I was legit scared it would. Yesterday I decided to call Brenda. She mentioned she had been thinking of me all week, asked if I went to church and I said no. Told her that my stroller was being a pain. Then she offered me one in her garage that she doesn’t use anymore. Told me she’d tell her husband to get it to me, cos she’s in Newfoundland. Sent me her husbands number and as soon as I called, he got my address and was there in 15 minutes.

Brenda is the Starbucks lady. She’s really been a blessing in my life already. Before she got off the phone she said “Tell your family that you’re not alone here”. That touched my heart. I really thank God for all the people he uses to be a blessing to me.



P.S: Bonnie (the agent I was using to look for a place to rent) came by on Saturday morning to see my new place and say hi. She brought me an iron, it was all wrapped up and with a card. She also gave me a $50 gift card for Tim Hortons. How sweet is she? I don’t know any house agents like that, especially not in naija. Everyone is always just looking out for themselves and about the money. She seems to genuinely care about our wellbeing. Blessed!!

P.S.S (?): Also I have been wearing my designs a lot lately, like actual stuff I sewed. Been getting a lot of compliments for them and have been giving out my card.

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