Here’s to firsts…

Today’s my first day at work in Canada ever, and ElRoi’s first day at official, fulltime, Monday to Friday daycare. He’s 20 months today.

Roi and I didn’t get much sleep, so he was cranky when I woke him up. Set my alarm for 5:45 am but ended up putting it off and waking up at 6:03am. On waking up I went to pack ElRoi’s bag for school. Took some extra clothes to keep there, diapers, wipes and indoor shoes. Had to also make and pack breakfast and lunch for myself. When I looked at the time it was already 6:30 and the bus was to come by 6:56am. I hurriedly showered, after dressing ElRoi up (didn’t give me bath, judge me if you like). Thank God we made it to the stop on time.

It was a bit chilly when I first came out, but I still din’t wear a sweater, was forming brave. It was raining too, but not heavily thank God. The longer I stayed out in the cold, the more it got to me. Eventually wore the sweater but it wasn’t enough to keep me warm. My feet felt like stone on the ground and this is only in 14 degree weather. I’ll dress better for winter but I know for sure now that I need a car like yesterday. I mean I’m resilient but this one pass me, it’s a necessity, especially because of my child.

Dropped Roi off with his documentation. Gave a cheque *tears* for his daycare fees for the rest of September (really hoping I get it back somehow). The bus stop is 8 minutes walk from his daycare. One bus goes straight there but then I had to walk 16 minutes from where it stopped to work. It’s the cheaper option and I can only use it if I’m not trying to resume at 8:30 am.


Fortunately, I resumed at 9am today, that’s why I was able to meet the cheaper option. The more expensive option would mean spending an extra $10 a day apart from the $150 for a monthly pass. To resume at 8:30am, I’ll have to take two buses, one from my region and one GO bus. The GO bus costs $5.30 per trip and I’ll have to take it to and fro. However, I spoke to my manager about maybe coming in like 15 minutes late. So I can get the cheaper bus (one bus) to work. Said I’ll reduce my lunch time by the same 15 minutes, so I don’t lose work time, she agreed. At least I get to save $5.30 going to work (gotta use the GO bus to get ElRoi before 6pm).

Due to not getting enough sleep, I was yawning a lot through a mini orientation 🤦🏾‍♀️. I’m sharing an open-ish office with the administrative assistant/receptionist. I’ll be taking on some of her duties as well as being a data processing assistant. I can already tell that I’ll learn a lot from this job. Really excited in getting acquainted to everything and really enter the flow.

Another One…

Guess what though? I got a call from another office. The one I told you guys the lady had said she’d increase the pay a bit from minimum wage because I’m a single mom and she wants to help? Yes them, they finally called me back today to offer me the job. I was expecting their call before September even started, so naturally I went with the offer I got first, thinking they weren’t interested anymore. Told them I’ve just started a job and me being my honest and transparent self told them exactly what I was being paid here (should’ve increased it). Told the lady to give me some time to get back to her.

Here’s the thing. This other job will pay only ¢4 more than my current job, but it’s a permanent one, unlike the current which is a contract. Also transport for the other would be cheaper as I would only be using my region buses which fall under the monthly pass. It’s a 9 to 5 so hours are good and would be working 37.5 hours a week (which is more than the current), so I’d essentially be earning more. But… I still turned it down, because it’s a call Centre job and there’s not too much transferable skills there. Also it’s not a known company like my current, won’t look as good on my resume.

Frankly I won’t enjoy it as much as my current and I’d have to change ElRoi’s daycare and he only just started. The deal didn’t seem good enough to shift base. So I’m sticking to this one, till something considerably better (money wise) shows up. The job search doesn’t stop, this is just a starting point, a way into the workforce of Canada 😁.

Was given a few tasks to do, basically inputting data about the undergraduate studies schedule and booking rooms for classes and such. Tasks that I’ll have to finish tomorrow because the workday has come to an end and I have to go meet Tokunbo and Esse who came to see me.

We didn’t actually even get to spend much time because I gotta get to ElRoi before 6pm. So we just gisted a bit while I waited for my bus, also took pictures.

Coincidentally we were matching

Home Time…

Almost missed my stop, because I slept off on the bus. Was hella tired, but thank God I just opened my eyes as we were pulling up to the stop. To be honest I wanted to get an Uber from the last stop before picking ElRoi. Just get in the Uber, pick him up quickly and have the Uber take us home, because man dies once. But it’s all these expenses that build up and leave you broke or in debt (credit cards). So I shook off the tiredness and walked to the bus stop to wait for the bus home.

I felt really bad though, my sons legs were getting beat by the rain because the stroller cover does cover his legs. Checked Walmart for the rain guard for strollers but the thing cost $45 😳, I guess it’s a necessity until I can raise at least $4000 to get a reasonably used car.

Generally need to do a lot of shopping for both myself and ElRoi to adjust to the weather and I’m not looking forward to the expenses. I can’t wait to get paid already but ends still won’t or aren’t meeting, still kinda running at a loss. My minimum wage salary only really covers rent, some groceries, transport and maybe my cellphone bill. All else has to come from somewhere else, I’m not sure where yet. But one has gotta do what one has gotta do. I know this struggle is only for a time and soon all will be well and peachy. Patiently but earnestly waiting for that time. I believe that maybe I go through all these somewhat hardships/struggles so that when I come out on top (and I always do) I’ll have an awesome story to share.

This is also why I’m sharing with you guys and being totally honest. Because we will all appreciate it when the good times start rolling in.



PS: I really need to advertise my seamstress and hair making services, so that I can make some extra cash. Also you guys can help me by sharing with friends that may be in the area? Thanks and God bless as you do.


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