Daycare and Dinner… Week 8

This week has been more of a chill week, but of course a week can’t go by without some activity.mostly all about looking for a daycare.

On Tuesday morning I hurriedly dropped ElRoi off at daycare. I went to York University to do a test on word, excel and typing. What I’m wondering is, if I didn’t do well in the test would they rescind their offer? Anywho, here I was thinking I was a boss on Microsoft Word and Excel. So you can imagine my surprise on finding out I’m only on intermediate level 😔. In my defense, that test wasn’t the easiest. Also my typing speed is pretty decent.

I met one Elderly Nigerian man at the bus stop on my way to urban planet to exchange some stuff I bought online. Helped him find the right bus stop and we exchanged numbers.

Had to Uber to my next appointment at some recruitment agency, because I was running late. Spent more time at urban planet than I had hoped. Meanwhile I had only eaten two slices of toast since morning. So you can imagine that I was super hungry.

Checked out a daycare that’s about 12 minutes walk from my house, but not before buying myself a shawarma. The place was alright but a little pricey.

So the thing with the daycare is. They pretty much cost from $900 a month to about $1600. I have to pay for the first month and a half or so, until subsidy is approved (I may have mentioned this before already). Another issue is distance and transportation. A lot of my options require me to walk a lot or pay more on transportation. Getting the timing right is also another issue. I have to be able to drop off Roi earliest 7am and also make it to work by 8:30am. Picking him up isn’t a problem because I close at 4:30pm.

My major issue is though, from my calculations I may spend up to $350 a month on only transport and this saddens me cos my job is only minimum wage and I’m paying for daycare too 😭

Stressed 😩

Also I’m under pressure to buy a car before it starts snowing because I don’t know how I’m supposed to manage dropping my son off at daycare, pushing a stroller in the snow. Currently looking to sell one of my eggs if you guys have a link because I don’t know how I’m supposed to do all of this. Can I just bury my head in the sand and have my son somehow survive?

Moving on…

Wednesday was a chill day. A friend invited us to dinner, she had planned it weeks before she came. She pretty much messaged me on Instagram when she found out that I had moved and informed me of her trip.  Messaged saying, she’d like to invite me for dinner, didn’t know we’d be dining at the CN Tower!!! I was actually excited when she sent me the reservation. I didn’t know much about the CN tower or that it had a restaurant until last Sunday. That was when we went to Toronto Island and when I found out about the CN tower pretty much. So it was pretty cool to actually be going up it and dining at the 360 restaurant.

As the name implies, the restaurant makes a 360 cycle every 72 or is it 78 minutes? So yeah we were there for about that time. Also Karen generously paid for our souvenir package of pictures that I thought was free for some reason. She also brought me perfume (Lord do I know the best people). All in all it was an amazing time. ElRoi and I got home about 9:30pm that night.

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Thursday was pretty much daycare search day. Went to one closer to my work, but they didn’t have any open spots. It would’ve been most convenient because then my transport would be cheaper, but ah well. Got a new haircut at some place “Nappys Hair Shop” in Vaughan. Went to Vaughan mills mall for a little shopping and treated my son and myself to some chipotle (credit card bills going way upppp).

Later that afternoon I checked out yet another daycare. And this is the one I’ve settled with. I just generally had a good feeling about the place, the owner and the people. Also it’s cheaper than the others, and the woman just seems to be so understanding. Transportation is still gonna be so expensive but I don’t know what else to do at this point 😢.

Ooouuu before I forget. I met this elderly Caribbean woman. She stopped me to comment on my dress. I told her I made it and she said something that warmed my heart. She said

You present well, you have a grace about you. Keep it up.

Touching right? Love it when strangers say such stuff about me. Also since she’s old, you can’t argue with her. She must be right 😁.

ElRoi started burning up Friday night up until Sunday. I think he’s teething, so he’s been cranky and hasn’t had much of an appetite. Have been giving him medication I came with from Nigeria. Thank God because I think it helped a lot. He had been sneezing plenty and has a runny nose.

ElRoi is trying to get my attention as I type this. He’s putting himself in the way of my laptop, and he’s supposed to be sound asleep lol.



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