I got a job!! (Week 7)

Time really does fly here. But I’m happy to announce that I got a job. Read on for mote details.

Aug 27th to Sept 2nd

On the 27th (Monday) we stayed home. Just had a rest day, applied for jobs, cooked, chilled. Pretty much it.

Tuesday 28th…

Decided to go check out Fabricland, to see what they offer, as I intend to sew in my spare time. The place was wonderful and so overwhelming. I’m definitely gonna need to know exactly what I need before I go in there. Can’t go hoping to buy random stuff and find ways to use them, that’s how all my money will finish. I took a job application form, because it may not be so bad working there. I’d get employee discounts and stuff and who knows maybe I’d be managing the store some day? . We went to Upper Canada Mall, just to look around. Went into to Zara to see if they were any job openings. Manager said to come back on Thursday with my resume, so that they can interview me on the spot. Also saw that a number of shops also had job openings.

From the mall I went to check out this in home daycare that does evenings and weekends. It was a bit of a walk from the bus stop, the house was massive. There was tiny room for the children, and everything was covered n plastic. The little old woman was so finicky about ElRoi moving about, and that didn’t just sit well with me. She didn’t seem patient and caring, just seemed to be all about the money. So I’m definitely not gonna use her. Which is sad, because right now, I need a babysitter for Thursday. Scheduled to have an assessment interview at York university.

Wednesday 29th…

Spent most of today looking for other babysitting options. Called the last person I used but she was full. Called another lady Shelley, she was full too but I scheduled to go see her place on Thursday.

So there’s this whatsapp group for Nigerians who moved to Canada or are about to, that I’m part of. I messaged in the group asking, “Is anyone living in North York available Thursday or Friday?”. One guy Emeka, messaged me privately, asking “what’s up, what do you need help with?’. On seeing he was a guy, I laughed and replied “I actually need a babysitter”. Long story short, he agreed to help me out for Thursday for two hours. He had said he’d come to my house but I was still skeptical. I continued to look for other options, which included us meeting at an indoor play center, where he’d watch ElRoi while I’m at my interview.

Had to go through some excel tutorials just to brush up for my assessment. Didn’t end up sleeping till 5am, and woke up at 7am.

Thursday 30th…

The supposed D-day. I called the lady at York Uni, at 9am as scheduled. She told me she doesn’t have any free computers for today so, maybe we’ll do it the following week. However, I still had to attend an interview with the Hiring Manager by 9:30 am tomorrow. I was so happy that I din’t have to do the assessment today. Next week al the daycare options will have space for ElRoi. Yippee!!

Called Emeka to inform him I didn’t need him for today anymore but that I’ll need him for tomorrow. We arranged to meet at York University before my interview. He’d stay with ElRoi in the waiting area while I went for my interview. From my experience, they don’t last more than a week.

I told my family members about the plan. They were a bit worried, seeing as I don’t know Emeka. I assured them that it would be okay, because my spirit was at peace with it. You all know from my travel stories how I really depend on my instincts/spirit in making risky decisions. It’s never failed me.

ElRoi and I spent time with my Landlady and her Son, in the backyard and also their house. She made eggs for ElRoi, and I fed it to him with bread. The kids played, she and I talked while she was cleaning up. Her father in-law (My Landlords Father), came down to help me fix a few light bulbs. I saw the man was tired so I said it was okay, even though I had more left. I sent my Resume to her husbands email address to help me print (she asked me to).

Friday 31st…

The ‘Actual’ D-day. Everything went as planned today. Met up with Emeka at the university, he watched ElRoi while I went for my interview. He was very calm and friendly, and he came prepared with videos for ElRoi to watch on his phone.

My interview went really well. I have gotten more confident from attending so many interviews (not that many to be honest). I felt really good about it. After I was done, I went down to meet my son and Emeka. Thank God they were still there and Emeka had not run off with my child lol (didn’t think he would). We sat there for a while, ElRoi with headphones on, watching videos, sitting on Emeka’s lap. He did’t even really care that I was there. Emeka and I talked for a while, before deciding to leave.

Emeka went up to get something. As we were waiting for him, I got a phone call. It was the York University Temp Agency lady. She was calling to offer me the job. Woohoo!!! I had to give her my SIN and she booked me for the word, excel and typing test next week Tuesday. Emeka came down just as I was finishing up with her, and caught the part where she was congratulating me.

What a happy day and a happy moment. Now the job is only a contract job for 3 months. It pays only minimum wage, but it’s a way into the job force and I’m grateful for it. I will be working as a data processing assistant for the school of business. Looking forward to starting it on the 10th of September.

Saturday 1st…

Ify Day! It’s Ifeoma’s birthday today. I had ordered her flowers and a card to her house. After doing laundry and ElRoi napping, we went to her house, and I bought a cake on the way.

It was a fun day. She had a few visitors and phone calls. We basically just chilled at hers, ate and made merry. ElRoi and I ended up sleeping there, also Yemi. Thank goodness I had taken a change of clothes for ElRoi, didn’t have enough diapers though. Had to find a way to manage it until morning at least.

The silly flower delivery people delivered the flowers to her late. It was nice to see her reaction. I acted like I didn’t know what was going on, but I was able to get some of it on camera.

Sunday 2nd…

Sunday Funday!! Today we went downtown and got a ferry to Toronto Island. Mind you ElRoi and I still hadn’t gone home, so I had to buy diapers at Walmart.

The ferry ride was short and sweet, and it was a beautiful view of the city and the CN tower. ElRoi slept the whole ferry ride and didn’t wake up until we got to Center Island. We walked a lot, took lots of pictures, ate and rented bicycles. Went to a ‘clothing optional’ beach as well. Yes I went with ElRoi. So my son has already been to a nude (somewhat beach) at his small age. He didn’t know what was going on, and didn’t even look at anyone (there weren’t too many naked people). He mostly concentrated on the water and the sand. I took him close to get his feet wet and it was hella cold.

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I wanted to go nude too and take pictures by the water/sunset with the CN tower in view, but I chickened out.  I’d do it some other time, and when my son isn’t there. Don’t want that buried in his memory. We never know what these kids will remember.

By the time we got home it was like 10pm, Everyone was so tired from all the days activities, especially the riding and walking. I was glad I went out and I took it as a celebration for my new job. Sad that I wasn’t wearing something from HoneyBFashion though, but there’s always a next time.



PS: I’m trying to turn my son into a little wanderer/adventurer like his mommy

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