Week Six

I have decided to try to give you guys weekly updates of my Move/Journey in Canada. Here’s a quick rundown of week six.


Finally set off to Newmarket Drive Test center to do my knowledge test and get my G1 drivers license. Got there for 8 am, and it din’t get to my turn until about noon. Went with Roi, stood for like 2 hours while he was in his stroller. At first he was asleep but woke up, and surprisingly sat still without complaining for the first two hours. Some people even commended him on that, saying he’s very well behaved. The place was packed full of people. ElRoi happened to be playing with my old business cards from Naija and some Caribbean girl picked it up. For some reason, she assumed I was a hairdresser, though my card said “Dressmaker”. I had to write down my number here, so she could contact me, to do her hair.

I transferred my driving experience with my naija drivers license and also a letter from FRSC. Went in to take the test and sat next to a guy who I think is Ghanaian. He helped me out in one or two questions. Made me get one wrong because I foolishly listened to him over myself ( I was right). Also helped him with some of his, in fact because of me, he passed that test. So he’s blessed I sat next to him when I did. I’d like to say it was a divine intervention, but I don’t think God is good on cheating? lol. But glad I passed it on my first try. It was easy really but apparently it’s also easy to fail, so yippee.


Had an interview with some photocopier company. Had to go drop off my son at Ukachi’s, in the rain, before going there. Got there early, and was done by my actual interview time. I don’t think it went well. I just felt like they were being long, so wasn’t expecting to hear back from them, and I haven’t.

Later, I went back to Ukachi’s under the rain again . Chilled for a bit and then went back to a company I had interviewed with a week before. They required I register with some government agency. So far this place has been the most positive, still waiting to hear from them though. Actually went with ElRoi, the CEO met him (she’s so nice), and we went in to do the registration. Don’t worry I had asked if I could bring him along the day before, they said it was okay. Told the CEO I was a single mother on the day she interviewed me. On hearing that. she promised to try to increase my pay a little from minimum wage. Still haven’t heard from them though. Thankfully the rain had stopped pretty much going there and also going home.


Today was supposed to be my rest day, but just decided to go finally register for my health card. I finally had proof of address in Ontario (my lease). Bathed ElRoi, didn’t bathe myself, and got there for 9 am just as they were opening. There was already a queue, outside, but it didn’t take time to get to my turn, by 10 am we were done. Lest I forget, there was this really cute and tall Indian guy behind me on the queue, he was really nice, but was also on the phone with someone the whole time. I’m assuming it was his girlfriend, because he sent her $200 to buy something and it really just sounded like a love interest. We went to checkout a daycare close to the house somewhat. They were alright, but wasn’t really sold on them. After which we went home.

Then I got a call for an interview on Thursday and I also had an appointment with the Newcomers Welcome Center at noon. So I hurriedly looked for an in-home daycare that would take ElRoi as an emergency, found one and went to check it out that evening. Was a 30 minute walk. The place was nice actually, she uses her basement as the daycare, so enough room to play around. I liked the fact that it had enough room to play and ElRoi seemed to warm up to the place quickly.


I went to drop off ElRoi at the daycare by 9 am, he was already excited to go in, and he made 4 female friends (hehe). Off I went to my interview, also booked my road test for my G license (the final one) for October 3rd on the way there. Got there and saw that they were all Asians, so I already felt out of place and just felt deep down I wouldn’t get the job. They said they needed someone that had a car, I don’t have one yet, so that’s that.

Went for my appointment at the Newcomers Welcome Center, got there early so had to wait. Went well, finished and went to check on my friend Bisi (I have t tell you how we met in a different post).  She wasn’t there (she later called and said she’d traveled),  so gave into temptation and spent money I shouldn’t have been spending on a shawarma (doner kebab). Got home, relaxed while I ate, then eventually went to pick ElRoi up. Used the bus this time to and fro.


Ukachi, her son, ElRoi and I, went to the Markham festival, was quite a journey, and it also rained, so that dampened our fun, but it was still a good outing. The kids played a little, we took pictures, ate and watched some performances by Indians.

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Today was the day we were finally supposed to go to church, but that didn’t work out. For some reason the pedestrian crossing light wouldn’t change for us to cross. Waited for about 20 minutes, before I gave up and decided to make my way to see my cousin and her family in Mississauga. Had a good time there, ate, gisted, she took me toy and book shopping for ElRoi, he played with the twins. She and her husband eventually dropped me off home, came into see the place and said I had done well. She also gave me food stuff to take home and her husband who was meeting ElRoi for the first time, gave me some money for him. (They had a Jamaican nanny by the way, just felt to add that).

Anyhow guys, that’s it for week six. How did your week go?

PS: I’ll be posting Week Seven shortly, probably Sunday night or Monday morning. (Also sorry if it seems rushed, I’ll try to improve).



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