Canada!! New Beginnings…

Hi guys, I recently just moved to my 31st country and ElRoi’s first, Canada!

Getting Here

Applied for the Skilled workers immigration express entry to Canada, when I had just given birth to ElRoi (For the second time). Wrote the IELTS exam when I was like 3 months pregnant, but I didn’t get the preferred scores. Even put up a profile, which was later found ineligible because I changed up some work experience, so I gave up for a while and went at it again a month After I had ElRoi.

It was a big sacrifice for me, because I was very low on cash and I had just had a baby. The whole thing requires you to have a lot of money (which I didn’t have). Even paying for the IELTS was a big pain, because it had increased from the first time I wrote it. But I just told God that I’m putting my trust in him that it won’t go to waste.

Anyways, long story short ( I may do a video detailing all I went through), after a painstaking year, the approval came through. We got our confirmation of permanent residency and ElRoi and I made our way down here. Kept quiet about the whole thing (well to the masses) until we had landed and been allowed entry .

I was anxious when planning to come, because I still didn’t have any money. God, ame through clutch and provided a little above half of what was recommended for my son and I for our first year here.

First Month Here

Accommodation Woes

Woah! So it’s been a hellaluva ride already. However I’m grateful to have people here who have got my back. Shoutout to Ifeoma, Mr. Luke, Umanah, Nneka and Evodia.

Accommodation was my biggest challenge on arrival. Couldn’t get an Airbnb to accept us (cos they didn’t want children) temporarily till I found my own place, and I started the search from Nigeria. Thankful for my girl Ifeoma who gracefully offered her house to us for a week, till I at least got an Airbnb, but the story was the same even being here, so a week turned to three weeks.

Had started viewing places I saw on Kijiji, but everyone rejected me. I eventually got an agent, who is the best ever. Her name is Bonnie and if you ever need a realtor, holla at me, I’ll give you her contact. Unfortunately Bonnie couldn’t get me a place either. I would see things I like, offer to pay three/four months upfront and still get rejected. What was the problem you ask?


I didn’t have one, and had no one who was willing to give me their credit history to stand as a guarantor, so that really got in the way of me finding anything. It really is a big deal here in Canada. My cousin in Calgary finally agreed to give me hers, but it was a little too late, because all the places I needed it for had been leased. So I continued with my search on Kijiji, found some places that they didn’t mind my being a newcomer and not having any credit history, but they did require someone cosign for me (which I had). Unfortunately, they had one issue or the other, like distance or size and I really didn’t wanna be tied down to a place I didn’t quite like for a whole year (had to sign a lease).

My fourth week, I moved to a friends house, and it was good cos she has a two year old son, who became my son’s playmate. Was too happy about that because I felt I was boring him, seeing as he had many playmates back in Nigeria (from Creche). That week I spoke it into existence, that before the week ended, I would’ve found me a place to live, and that’s exactly what happened.

I got to her house on a Friday afternoon, and the next Friday morning I had signed a lease. Glory to God!!! I was no longer homeless. It was indeed a trying experience, and there were times I got anxious and discouraged,but God did really keep the best place for me. (I’ll make a video).

The Job Hunt

Started job hunting long before I got here, even before I got the approval (you know, in faith?). My friend referred me to a job in her company, so I applied for that and got an email requesting a phone interview. The email asked for the interview to be on a Wednesday but I was still in Nigeria. Mr. Luke was kind enough to get me a prepaid sim card, the number I forwarded to the Lady and rescheduled for Friday afternoon ( The day I got in). So yes! I was interviewed the very day I landed, didn’t get the job though 

I kept applying for jobs, but finding an apartment took most of my time. I did attend an in person interview at York University, for a minimum wage summer job. Didn’t get it but that’s because they emailed me asking if I would be interested in another job as the administrative assistant to a Dean. I said yes of course, but they still went with another person. 

So far I’ve had two phone interviews, two in person interviews, one online video interview, two online assessments. Two of which I didn’t scale through, still waiting on a verdict for the others. Have one interview on Tuesday, so hoping that by September I’ll be working. In fact I’ve spoken it into existence, so I have hope to be back here, updating y’all with the good news.

In the meantime, I have registered Honey B fashion and set up a shop on here. Watch out for that, I’ll be updating it soon enough. Also, made two people’s hair for money, one sew-in and braids for a child.

Other than that, the journey so far has been a good one, and I have faith this move to Canada will be a fruitful one. I am especially excited for my son. I am so glad God paved a way for him to get this opportunity, and I believe everything good will come to him. I’m willing to put in all the work required for that to happen. He’s already growing so much, and I can already see this environment is good for him. He’s home and I’m the happiest person alive because I get to witness him flourish.  To God be praised.



PS: What have you guys been up to? Drop a comment 


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