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Picking up from where we left off, is my trip to Nassau, Bahamas, June 2015. I went from America, DC to be precise. Got the visa from DC too and it was pretty quick, like two days or so, but you have to have bought your return ticket and paid for your accommodation. So it was pretty easy peasy. I even had time to braid my hair by myself, before the trip.


My trip to The Bahamas was pretty much my ex (we’ll call him YA) and I’s first date/meet (interesting right?).

We got an air bnb in the town,not around all the touristy areas, but not too far from it. In order to get a proper “local” experience (which we did).

The owner of the apartment, (such a nice man), picked us up from the airport at a fee, and drove us to the house. He did tell us about the place as we drove, giving us the history of Bahamas. Took us to a local joint ‘Skinny’s Place’ to eat some conch salad and rice with fried conch (you should go there if you ever visit). YA played droughts with some locals , and our host also took us to buy some rum cake, all before we got to the apartment.

Our host showed us the bus stops around the apartment so we used their buses (danfo like buses) to move around, the fare was $1,25, so always tried to make sure we had change. Once you enter the bus you’re required to greet everyone, so we noticed, and also you pay just when you’re about to get off.


I can’t remember the order of things anymore, but I’ll go through some of the things we got up to.

We went to explore Paradise Island. Took some lovely pictures of Atlantis hotel and the general gorgeous view.  Stopped over to eat at ‘Anthony’s Grill‘ at the paradise village shopping centre. The food was good, and service was great. Bahamians I feel are very friendly people and have really good customer service. We really didn’t do much that day, just walked around (not too much though, because it was super hot). Went to some local stores in search of bikini bottoms to wear with my 5 Victoria Secret’s bikini bras that YA bought me (he didn’t realize the bottoms were sold separately). Bought two black ones, one boy shorts and one high leg almost a thong wanna be one. After shopping we got on a bus back home. Got some takeaway from a local fast food joint near by and bought some groceries for the apartment.


The next day we went to the city centre (I think that’s what it’s called). We had booked two scooters to ride around and sight see, and had to test run them first though, like a little training, to be sure we could handle them. Unfortunately YA couldn’t really, I could, but for some reason he didn’t want me to. So we just decided to get a refund and walk around some more.

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We did some shopping, I bought a bag, my famous Africa earrings and some souvenirs for my girls back in Serbia. YA bought some souvenirs for his colleagues at work. We ate at ‘Senor Frogs‘ (I loved their decor, and the food and view was dope. Very busy too). Took more pictures about the town, went to ‘John Watling’s Distillery‘ and I think he bought some Rum too.

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One of the days we just stayed home to rest, cooked and just watched TV and stuff all day. Can’t remember what day it was exactly, but it was nice, because we did a whole lotta walking under the hot sun, something I am well versed in because of all my travels, but he wasn’t (he tried still though).


Now This activity I really looked forward to. It was the day we went to Exuma Island to swim with sharks, pet the iguana’s and sting rays. Unfortunately we didn’t go to the swimming pigs tour, but it was really fun. It came with food and drinks, and a really beautiful view. We had to get a bus to paradise Island, where our boat took off from. First stop was the Iguana Island, where YA’s phone fell in the water and came to its end . I didn’t dare swim with the sharks or tease them with food, but I went really close to them, and also fed the sting rays. YA was my photographer/ videographer through all of this (best guy). Lol, one of the shark guys was flirting with me hehe. The whole day was awesome, was a long and full day, so straight home to rest we went.

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Stuart’s Cove Sub-Dive was definitely the highlight of our activities for me. It was the best experience to dive on like a seahorse shaped submarine, have fish swimming around you, see sting rays and turtles too (someone said they saw a shark in the distance). We were the last in our group to do it, so we went alone (because we’re special) hehe. The pictures were pretty dope (better than the ones from my dive in Antalya, Turkey), we looked really ugly though. Ate at Mc’ Donald’s that day too.

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Oh! The day we were actually supposed to go to Stuart’s Cove, we missed the bus because of a slight misunderstanding and I was really upset. YA called the organizers and thankfully we were able to reschedule for the next day. To salvage the day, we walked to Junkanoo beach and just chilled, ate, swam, people watched and listened to nice music. (They even played Timaya’s ‘Shake up your BumBum’). On our way home we stopped at subway and starbucks to get some food.

It’s important to note that we had booked most of our activities online before even going on the trip. Some whilst we were there, but we had done our research.


Our final day there, YA rented a car, and we drove to this beautiful restaurant in ‘Sapodilla Estate‘. The place was a bit far away and you have to make reservations (real fancy place, you gotta dress up, I was wearing the outfit YA bought me (dress and shoes). A very romantic night it was and the owner of the restaurant came to greet us, and YA being who he is engaged him in a long convo (like he didn’t have other guests to greet). Our host actually suggested we go there, as he knew the owner.  The ride was interesting to and fro, we got lost a bit, but found our way there and back in one piece thank God.

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The next day we were off to our different destinations. As it was a long distance relationship, but definitely a trip to remember. 

At the Airport, waiting to Leave
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