Roma and Milano

Hello Hello, currently can’t sleep so have decided to finally finish this post about my last trip to Italy, the Roma and Milano leg of the trip.

So my Aunt had left us earlier in the day to go to Switzerland for another programme, I saw her off to the train station, made sure she got on and almost got stuck on the train myself, wearing only my jalabiya. I and the kids left at midnight the next day with a lot of other delegates. The bus came to get us from the hotel and was headed straight to the airport in Rome, we however weren’t leaving that day, so we booked a tent with three beds (a bunk bed and one single bed) at the Camping Village Roma also their Facebook page . It was quite a long commute from the airport to the camping site/hostel, but it was good for the kids to experience public transportation in Rome, as we had to use trains and a bus, also walk a long way dragging heavy suitcases (my arms were numb) to the hostel.

When we arrived at the hostel, it was too early to check in, so we had to wait at the cyber cafe, till it was check in time, but they did allow us leave our luggage in storage, and we also booked shuttle tickets to the airport for the next morning (the kids were flying back to Nigeria). The wait did seem kinda long seeing as we had just come from a road trip, hadn’t bathed and were quite hungry, it was also really hot out, but we weren’t going to sleep, we had planned to freshen up and hit the town, shopping (mostly only the boy) and sight seeing.

We went straight to the center, to this street called Via del Corso we used buses and trains of course, we bought the usual 90 minutes ticket that works on buses and trains. We basically just spent the day shopping for the boy, taking pictures, sight seeing and having fun. I really really enjoyed that day, took this really dope picture of me trying to catch a bubble at Piazza del Popolo. We, at the last minute decided to go to The Vatican at night, we probably didn’t get to the hostel till about 11 pm and we almost lost the boy, because he almost missed the bus, thankfully we didn’t.

At Piazza del Popolo
At Piazza del Popolo













Roma was really fun and the kids had the time of their lives, the tent experience was really a memorable one too, only unfortunate thing was the boy’s phone was stolen on the train at some point, other than that it was an awesome experience, and I’m glad I could make that happen for them.

Next day saw the kids off to the airport, made sure they passed the boarding gate and then I headed back to Roma Termini Station to catch my train to Milano. My friend from way back when we were teenagers lives there, so I went to visit/stay with him and see a bit of Milan. He met me up at the station, and we went home, dropped off my stuff, actually don’t think we did anything that night, I know he had to go out, so I just chilled but then he came back and we did some catching up, gisting about our lives in Belgrade and Milan.

The next day he went to work in the morning and came back to meet me later in the day, after which went to the center Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral), took lots of pictures, basically just walked around, ate, talked and laughed, had an awesome time. He took me to China town (Via Paolo Sarpi) and then we went to some other area popular for “Apertivo” on Corso Sempione I think (that was a fun experience), the day ended and we went home, engaged in another session of gisting and called it a night.

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My last day in Milano, I was on my own for the most part. I strolled around the area and ended up at an open market, I didn’t buy anything though but still enjoyed it. My Aunt had asked me to buy a pair of male shoes for someone, so I went home got dressed, and headed to San Siro (The Stadium for AC Milan I think), then went to another popular shopping street called “Corso Buenos Aires” where I went up and down looking for the shoes, also spent a lot of my time arguing with my then BF (which eventually led to a break up) and getting oogled by many.













I’m rather good with directions, so of course I navigated all these places and getting back home easily. Got home, freshened up and packed, because I had a night train back to Rome to catch and then a flight back to Belgrade. The train trip was kinda long, because we had quite a long stopover in Bologna (spent most of my time arguing some more with my then BF). The arguments really got to me because as I got on the train I ended up barking at some unsuspecting man, but I later apologized and we got talking and found out that I had passed his meat shop in Walthamstow (London) many times. He also kinda became my shrink and generally made me feel better and light once again.

I had locked my suitcase in the storage locker at the airport, was supposed to meet up with my Aunt because we both had flights out of Rome that morning, but we missed ourselves. My trip was awesome, with it’s many ups and few downs, but I always make sure to have a memorable time when traveling, if not I would have nothing to share with you guys.

One thing that is true about Italy, the men have a taste for black girls. I definitely got a lot of attention.

Look out for a vlog post on this trip, a collection of snapchat stories and random videos I made.

Take Charge,


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