Crna Gora a.k.a Montenegro

Hey hey hey. So 21-23 August 2015, I went to Crna Gora (Black Mountain) a.k.a Montenegro, which used to be Serbia and Montenegro before they split up.

I dunno why it took me sooo long to go to Montenegro seeing as it’s so close to Serbia and I had been there since 2013, but it did. Probably because I needed a separate visa, although Montenegro allows people with a valid multiple Schengen visa have 30 days (I think, it may be 15days) entrance into Montenegro. Anyhoo finally decided to go, wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I didn’t. Fortunately for me, I was able to get my friend Iyaloo from Namibia to join me (she’s really busy cos she’s a medical student) and at the last minute also got Fana my Banana from Jamaica to come as well (she’s a traveler like me).

We took a bus from Belgrade, Serbia at about 9.30pm and got into Montenegro about 7:30am with a few stops along the way. The bus tickets cost about RSD 4,800 (Serbian dinars) which is about N9,600 for a return ticket (may be more now cos of the exchange rate). We passed through the capital of Montenegro first which is Podgorica, dropped off some people, before our final destination Budva (by the coast).

View of Budva from the Bus
View of Budva from the Bus
Sunrise in Podgorica
Sunrise in Podgorica

We had booked  a studio flat via AirBnB and the room cost us $68 (N21,624) for two nights including the Airbnb service charge which was split three ways, it was originally only meant to be for two people, but we were able to convince the host to allow a third person stay there with us.  The flat was actually cozy and had everything we needed. Our host Jasmina picked us up from the bus station and right after we had breakfast at a cafe nearby. The breakfast, which was a massive chicken sandwich and a cup of fruit tea, cost us about  €1.30 (N500) each. A weekend stay in Budva is adequate as everywhere in the city is walking distance. Where we stayed was a 5-10 minutes walk to the city center and bus station.


We got home, freshened up and headed straight to the seaside and then to the old town, walked around taking pictures and then later got some lunch. I had gyros, which cost about 1 euro 30 cent, and my friends ate at  Restoran Kralj because well, Fana doesn’t eat meat and Iyaloo doesn’t eat white bread. The food and service was good. The waiter was so friendly and smiley; he later asked to take a picture with us, with his iPhone 6 (hehe, I found that interesting). Also something funny happened, we didn’t order bread, but they brought it with the food, so we figured it was complimentary right? (most restaurants do that) but then when the bill came they had charged for it. It was only 50 euro cent but still. We didn’t pay though, our friendly waiter told us not to worry, lol. (oh you should try the bread with something they call Kaymak, it’s the best thing ever).

Views from our walk along the coast/docks
At the Old Town
On our way to the old town
At the docks
IMG_5155 - Copy
More pictures at the old town
By the Ballerina Statue

Later we got on a boat to a beach called Ploce. It’s a party beach, not like your standard sandy beach with water and shore. The guys there were fascinated with black girls and gave lots of attention and wanted it too. A cocktail is about 6euros (my friend had one). That was pretty much all we did that day. We had been traveling all night, so when we got back home by 8pm, we just slept, mostly because we had an early bus to catch the next morning to Dubrovnik, Croatia for a day trip (details in my next post).

On the boat ride there, and at Ploca beach


This guy was a disturbance. Lol


My friend Iyaloo sneakily took a pic of me trying to change into by bathing suit




Our last day in Budva (the third day), we walked down to this pretty restaurant on our way to the seaside/docks. It’s called Restoran Vilvadi (the bathroom is hella pretty and cozy, lol). We had some nice and really cheap meal that cost us about N500 each. Budva is generally a very cheap place, best thing!


After eating we got to the docks and got a boat to Jaz Plaza (Jaz beach) a very popular beach where the last Sea Dance/Exit Festival was held, the festival holds every year. Jaz beach was sandy, thank God, and we passed by the nude section and peeped some bodies (lol). We really just went there to relax, because we were headed back to Belgrade later that night. My friend Iyaloo did some water sports, while Fana and I just chilled. Someone even approached me to pay me to braid her hair, but she wasn’t ready to do it then and we couldn’t find the time seeing as we were leaving that night. When we got back to the docks, I decided to go Fly boarding, I bargained with the man and got to do it much cheaper than we saw at Jaz beach, but I think the one at Jaz beach has better equipment and has someone to take professional photos of it which is better for memories.

Views on our way to Jaz Beach

After that we walked around looked for food. I went home to chill and shower while my friends hung out at Restoran Vilvadi again for drinks. Later that night, we said our goodbyes to the beautiful city of Budva, checked out and walked to the bus station, and we were off on a night trip back to Belgrade, Serbia. It was a short trip but definitely well worth it!

Check out a combined video of Budva and Dubrovnik here:

Take Charge,


PS: I made all the two dresses I was seen wearing in the photos, my hair accesories and my earrings. My friend Iyaloo also made her white dress. 

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