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Getting back to California from Mexico was exciting for me because this time I’d be in Los Angeles (City of Angels) staying with my friend (who I hadn’t seen in a long time) and her husband, and also hang with my other friend when he gets off work.

My friend stayed in North Hollywood, was a nice area and right next to a train station, so was very convenient for me, though I didn’t go out a lot on my own, mostly went everywhere with her.

My friend fed me really well the whole time I was there, and made sure I had so much fun. I really wasn’t bothered about doing much seeing as I did not have money, but my friend kept encouraging me to explore, and explore we did. We went to downtown LA, to visit the fabric shops and buy some. We didn’t drive of course because hard to find parking. Got some really lovely fabric, some of which I took back to Serbia with me. My friend also sews as well and had a sewing machine in her house, so of course you know I used it .

Places we visited… The mall (couple of times), her sister-in-law’s house (she has this really beautiful baby), Beverly hills 90210 *hehe*, Rodeo Drive, Universal City (I met this little boy in Johnny Rockets who was in love with me and I, him), a bar close to her house for drinks, where some older white intoxicated man was really hitting on me and Venice beach.

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Venice beach was a really fun day out, my friend (the guy) came to pick us up and drove us there. I had gained some weight so my bikini was really small and choking me, so my friend bought me a new one (with Jamaican colors). My girlfriend and I had made cover-ups for the beach so we were twinning. Venice beach is such a lively place with so much going on. You honestly cannot have a dull moment there and I advise everyone that visits LA to go there. There were lots of street acts and just lots of enjoyable people watching to be done, and of course lets not forget the sea (water baby). We got some street food while we were there and slushies.

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My guy friend also took me out a couple of times, mostly clubbing, at some point shopping and of course for food. It was during this trip that I first tried burritos from “Chipotle”, awesome stuff, so very big, filling and delicious. One of the night’s out we went to Duane Martin’s (From Real Husbands of Hollywood) lounge, and I saw some famous basketball players there who I didn’t know at the time, and of course Duane Martin himself. I didn’t talk to Duane though, cos my friend had shamed me out of it, said I shouldn’t disgrace him .

At some point during my stay, my friend from Abuja came around from Nigeria, so I went with him and his cousins to Santa Barbara for the weekend. Before we left though, we went to “Roscoe’s Chicken and waffles”. For the life of me, when I heard chicken and waffles I was convinced they were potato waffles not actually dough waffles, just felt like dough waffles and chicken was a weird combo, but truly it wasn’t bad at all. I actually enjoyed my meal a lot.


Santa Barbara (what I saw of it) is like a beach town/city, a school town (well I stayed near the university). It was also kinda chilly, so different from LA that was boiling hot that summer. I actually had to buy a sweater while I was there. We basically just walked around, went shopping and chilled at home. But I was glad I visited and had fun there.

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At the end of my trip, my girlfriend and I went to the 40th birthday party of one pilot who used to fly private jets, in the company I worked for back in Nigeria.It was at “Peking Inn” Chinese restaurant, Camarillo (where he grew up). I got to meet his family and close friends and they were such delightful people. Had so much fun, but I couldn’t eat so much cos I had gained so much weight, my jumpsuit (I made it back in Serbia) that I had worn at the beginning of my trip was super tight now, not leaving me enough breathing room, it even ripped underneath, but it was hidden from view thank God.

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I think that basically covers my trip.

I’m always very cautious of talking to strangers in America, not because there aren’t dangerous people everywhere but because in America it seems like they are a dime a dozen, so I’m not as outgoing in America, unless of course I meet you through someone I know (that’s still very risky, but just better). But I really love America because of it’s convenience, junk food is really cheap and shopping is also rather cheap.

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