Two DIY Dresses

It’s DIY time.

H&m top and ankara bottom

Why: So I had this h&m basic dress that was too short to wear anywhere, anymore or maybe I just got tired of wearing it as a dress, so decided to change it up.

What: It’s a two tier dress with a belt (can also be used as a head band/tie) made out of stretch (jersey) fabric and ankara.

Where: I wore it to church and jazzed it up with a random belt.

When: I made it while I was in Serbia, sometime in 2013?


Step 1: Get an old jersey fabric dress or tank top or t-shirt, cut it at your belly button.

Step 2: Cut out a wide piece of ankara fabric (depending on how full you want it, I used a little more than my hip measurement), with your desired length.

Step 3: Run two lines of wide stitches at the waist, the pull on the thread left over to form gathers at the waist, do this till it’s the length of your waist.

Step 4: Join the Top (jersey fabric) to the bottom (ankara fabric), hem the bottom, use shear scissors at the raw edges/seams inside for a neat finish ( and so the threads don’t go loose).

You’re all done.

I reckon you could play around with this concept, like using the joining of the jersey fabric dress with an ankara top, of course this will be more work.


Why: I was looking for something easy, yet free and light to wear on my trip.

What: It’s a tube dress made out of stretch fabric, with a ribbon at the center of the bust line.

Where: I wore it in Greece, on a road trip from Corfu to Athens.

When: June 2013, in preparation for my trip to Greece.


Step 1: Wrap the stretch fabric around you, mark where you want the width of the dress to stop then cut.

Step 2: Tie the top two sides in the middle.

Step 3: Sew down the length starting from where the knot ends.

Step 4: Tie a ribbon over the already tied part and sew the ends of the tied part to the side or just tuck them in.


Do y’all have DIY’s you’ve tried? Please share, always looking for new stuff to try out.

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