Ensenada, Baja California

So Ensenada!!!

Continuing from where we left off. On the last day of the summit, we all went to the beach to chill for a while (It was super super hot that day and I was dressed wrongly), then those of us going to Mexico got a ride to the train station in Orange county, where we took a train to San Diego and then from there another train to Tijuana. At Tijuana we got down and crossed the border on foot. No one checked us going in, no queues even, we just walked through/past. The queue to get into America was crazy though.

Sign at the boarder
Sign at the border

Driving through Mexico, I was super excited looking out at the night’s sky, thinking to myself “So this is what the night is like in Mexico“. It was especially beautiful on our drive through Ensenada and to the house. It’s quite a hilly place, and everywhere was just lit up. I love the night lights of a city, It makes my mind wander, wondering what’s happening at each place there’s a light.

We met up with a driver/staff from Geneva’s school, who took three of us to Ensenada, it was about an hour 30 minutes drive. We were dropped off at Geneva’s school and picked up by her parents and sister.

I slept in Geneva’s Grandma’s room by myself, her dog (Geneva’s) took to me immediately hehe. I won’t lie I was a bit nervous, being in a strangers home, hoping we’d all get along, I was never actually scared or worried I was in any danger, the thought didn’t even cross my mind, and that’s usually when I know I didn’t make a wrong decision, when I’m at peace.

Ensenada was really hot at the time, mostly dry heat with some cool breeze, they also have a drought problem, so water wasn’t always readily available to bathe, kinda had to plan and ration it and made very good use of wipes . So maybe you’d only be able to take one shower a day, only flush when it’s a number two, and just use water to dilute it when it’s number one (hehe).


The next day I was super excited to head out and explore. We had planned to walk around for a bit or was it the beach? I can’t really remember the order, but I remember one day was beach day and the next was more sightseeing day. So I’ll just write about what went down with detail as to what day it actually went down. The houses have this old look, I’m not sure if we were in the suburbs, but it seemed like it. They were rather quaint.

We stopped off at this spot where you can basically see the whole city of Ensenada. I saw some spot by the docks where they raise the flag, but it wasn’t raised that day. The view was out of this world, I tell you traveling has given me a whole new love for nature and makes me just always be in awe of God and all he’s created and appreciate the beauty in the simplest of things like just watching flies tussle (you know,paying attention the details). You know I had to be cliche and take a few breaths just to take it all in. Of course the usual picture taking, how else will all of you know I experienced such a view?

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Beach day was your usual, lay down under the umbrella, get a tan (had no business getting a tan though), eat, drink, bathe in the water, ride waves, swim etc. We did all that, I took my camera in the water (I had a waterproof case) and took so really bad pictures. (So checked and realized the beach day was after the exploration day)

We walked around the town, by the docks, lots of street stalls, selling souvenirs, food, all sorts…

We had some Ceviche, from some stall in the center (google map location). Was it bit antsy about trying it cause it looked super raw, but trust I went in, oh and did I love. It’s especially nice when you get the real spicy sauce (is on our level of spicy, not the mild stuff that people claim is “spicy”) which ironically didn’t look at all spicy. The flavors, the colors, the different textures, my gosh!!! It was amazing. We had some roadside ice cream too (more like sorbet though), then we ditched the parents and us three girls (Geneva and her younger sister Jessica), went to a coffee house/lounge called “Spirit Lounge”. It had this Indian/Hindu vibe, very artsy, calm, like a shisha lounge, with poufs on the floor and even a bed (saw a couple rolling around in it) and tried this tea Geneva insisted I taste.

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Later we met up with the beautiful Maria (Geneva’s chaperon at the summit, also closer to my age), just Geneva and I though, Jessica had to go home. We went to a few bars, was actually a bar hopping night. I tried different exotic alcoholic drinks, including one that had seafood in it and was a bit tomato-ey, they have a lot of local drinks, which I liked, not too many imported stuff and it was all pretty cheap, and obviously let’s not forget tequila shots, from a bottle that had a worm in it. I took a picture in front of Hussong’s that’s been around since 1892, and actually went in later when it was really rowdy (a little history) and it was bursting with life and lovely live music and real Mexican people (locals), lot’s of shapes and sizes. Stopped of to get some “Tamales” on the street (I’m sure you’ve noticed I really love street food, make that food, just love food). Let’s not forget us paying an old man carrying an electric box around, to electrocute us just for the fun of it (yes that really happened). LOL, I literally freaked out, as you’ll see in the YouTube video showing highlights of my trip.

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The next day which was actually beach day, we also went to a nice restaurant (google maps location) to eat and my gosh I was just so happy and overwhelmed with all the food and culture. Obviously they like spicy food in Ensenada and I’m guessing mexico generally, corn, Avocado (Guacamole) and beans are big staples there. They obviously eat a lot of meat, and sea food, the food wasn’t so greasy so that was good, but then they have those dips like hummus that have this oil film/base. All the food seemed to be mostly well done, of course apart from Ceviche.

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The music was also awesome, did some dancing (salsa), danced to ragaeton music, and they had people just singing and playing their instruments on the street or at restaurants (hoping for tips I’m sure) as awesome entertainment. I wish I could write every detail but I can’t, so just know it was an experience to remember.

In general info, Ensenada is pretty cheap and they use pesos. The people really stare at you quite a bit (being black I’m guessing), best to know someone cause I heard it could be kinda shady/dodgy if you’re trying to explore on your own, you’ll be bait for crooks and the lot (a lot of my Nigerian friends warned me not to go, that I’ll get kidnapped). It did seem generally safe, but I think that’s just because I was with friends that were locals. Don’t know what their police are like, but I was told that they are not too far from what we experience here in Nigeria. The people are generally friendly though, they just mostly stare, so you’re not sure what to think. I did make a little friend however, I always do. I love children and they love me.

Say hello to my little friend
Say hello to my little friend

I also looked out for all the hot men you usually see in the tele-novellas, let’s just say they are probably not in Ensenada . Hey I mean I did see some hot guys, but they weren’t like everywhere like I guess I was expecting. The women too are not that hot like maybe in Venezuela (hearsay, since I’ve never been), their being mostly wide shows me that their diet is well maybe not as healthy? But these are just my personal observations, don’t take my word for it.

The Garcia’s drove me to San Diego where I got a train to North Hollywood, where I stayed with my friend for a while. In total I think I only spent less than $80 my whole Mexico trip including transport and all that. The Garcia’s and maria were very generous and awesome, so glad to have met them.


I loved it.

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