California dreaming (Part 1)

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Seems like forever since I posted about a trip. Had been trying to sort out my life. It’s a bit sorted now, so I’m back .

July 2014, I went to California to attend the 9th Annual International Youth Media Summit, IYMS. The Summit itself lasted for two weeks, but it being my first time in California, you know I had to stay longer. Besides accommodation was covered because two of my friends were living there (guy and a girl) but I stayed with the girl.

I obviously had to register for the summit, but didn’t quite have enough money to register and also buy a ticket. My Aunt was to get sponsorship but that didn’t happen, so I decided to find sponsorship myself. I asked my former employer, he asked how much (was about $975 or so), I told him and he accepted. Yippee!! As for the ticket, it was more than that, but my Aunt and I handled that ourselves.

Anyway the summit was held at Soka University of America, Aliso Viejo, Orange County. It’s a beautiful school, the landscape and everything was just beautiful (Picture paradise). We stayed in the dorms, which were more like guesthouses, very fancy and comfy, not like the dorms I’m used to. They also fed us three square meals, all buffet, I ate so much, and gained some good ass weight (pun intended). The school’s location wasn’t the best though, in fact Orange County, everything is far from everything. You have to be driving to live/survive there, and the taxi’s are hella expensive. So our movement was really limited, but we still managed to get some shopping and movement in (mostly the others though, didn’t have money to shop).

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At the Summit, we talked about the “Seven Voices in Time” which are: Poverty, Discrimination, Environment, Health, Violence, Women’s Right and Youth Empowerment. All the delegates (from different countries in the world) were split into seven groups and given the assignment to make a P.S.A (public service announcement) for each of the seven voices. I was in the youth empowerment group, and I think I was the creative director (something that had to do with props an stuff), I also featured in the P.S.A. You can watch the P.S.A here.

Nigeria had three delegates, Me, a girl and a boy that came from Nigeria, chaperoned by my mother. It was a whole lot of fun, getting to meet new people from all over and all the activities they set up for us, like classical performances, talent show (I performed a little dance routine with Kimberly Venegas, which will be on my YouTube channel soon), shopping trips, trips to the beach (Laguna beach and Newport beach), tour of Los Angeles, Hollywood boulevard and walk of fame, watched a classical performance at the Hollywood bowl and also took us to different locations featured in popular movies (100 days of summer and others that I cannot remember right now).

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My friend (the guy) came by once, it was like an hour 30 minutes drive from where he was to me, but he made that trip four times in once night (such a sweetheart), cause he took us to a club where I met Mercedes from Glee (Amber Riley), she performed and we later took pictures with her, he also met my Mama. I think I spotted Rob Kardashian, but not entirely sure.

Just some hot girls I saw
Amber Riley!!!

People kept going on about my hair (had my natural hair out, didn’t braid it the whole trip) and the fact that I make my own clothes (I wore quite a lot of the clothes I made on this trip).

I met Geneva, who was also in my group and is Mexican (her dad is Mexican and her mom American). I was told Mexico was really close by, so of course you know I wanted to go and so I asked her if I could go back with her to Mexico after the summit (apparently you don’t need a visa to go to Mexico from America, just a visa to get back into America), she said she’ll ask her parents and get back to me. Her parents said yes (super cool huh), so when everyone else was flying back to their countries or going home, I was off to Mexico, with someone who was a complete stranger to me two weeks ago.

Mexico trip will be my next post, so stay tuned…

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