Ekiti, I missed out on you this time.

So I had this plan to go to Ikogosi warm springs in Ekiti State. I mentioned it on twitter and one of my followers hollered and said we could go together. We planned it as far back as November and along the line another of my followers decided she wanted to join in. We adjusted the plans and we were set to go, last weekend in January I think, but situations changed and I couldn’t make it, but I insisted on them both going without me.

@HappyBunnyVII on twitter/ @loba_x0 on instagram (one of the travelers)  shares her experience and some pictures as well. It may offer some information, for those of you planning on visiting.

So the other day I hit up Sonia and asked her to let me tag along when she’s traveling to anywhere in Nigeria and she said ‘oh I’m going to Ekiti by the end of January’, I thought about it and was so down for it so I was really looking forward to it, but unfortunately she couldn’t make it and I ended up going with another girl from twitter whom I had never met before, but was introduced to by Sonia.

So we left for Ekiti from Ojota in Lagos on Friday at about 8am, we got to Igbara odo at about 1pm and took a bike to Ikogosi warm springs resort, surrounded by hills and vegetation, the environment was cool even in the hot sun. It cost 2000 naira to Igbara odo, then bike of 400 Naira to ikogosi.

Quick observations about the resort; customer care is almost zero, while the environment is very serene and conducive for quiet reflective thinking, home away from home and beautiful, it looks like maintenance is lacking. We had to move rooms three different times and in two of these rooms the toilets were leaking, we had to repeatedly call them to turn on the generator, ask for tissue, toothpaste, their food was not reflective of the local cuisine which I think was a big minus on their part considering they were promoting the local attractions.

On to the warm springs it self:

No tour guide, nobody to explain the history of the springs to us so we had to look around ourselves but the warm springs was real nice and looked good but quite underwhelming. Note: do not go expecting something really spectacular. 

Now, while we were there wondering if we should leave asap and try Erin Ijesa waterfalls and/or Idanre hills, someone in the resort mentioned Arinta waterfalls and we decided to try it. 

Arinta waterfalls is in Ipole Ekiti about 8 minutes from Ikogosi, boasts a seven stage waterfall so much like its Erin ijesa counterpart. We took a bike down there and the bike guy was our guide, paid 400naira at the gate and took a short 5 mins walk to the foot of the waterfall which was also quite steep and wavey. I was only able to get to the 2nd level because it was quite difficult and as I said steep, I had to ask the tour guide how many of the levels he had been to and he said 5, most people had only gotten to the fifth level, water was cold even almost freezing but really refreshing.

We left Ikogosi warm springs on Sunday freezing morning headed back to Lagos. 

Really glad I took this trip, I did a bit of relaxing and exercising climbing the rough terrain levels of Arinta waterfalls. 

She shared a few pictures too




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