Sigh to to be an Adult.  To imagine it’s all most of us wished for, to enter adulthood. Sigh I wouldn’t mind being looked after again.

A lot has been going on in my bid to get settled, have had to make bold and risky moves, but moves I consider necessary for me to thrive on the long run.

I left the comfort of my friends family house to seek my own accommodation, there’s so many things I’ll miss about living with her and her family but there’s nothing like having your own space. To be honest maybe I could have delayed the move, but I felt if not now, when? I’ll always find other things to do with money and that’s when I’ll slip into comfort and not thrive. (Sometimes a lack of comfort is necessary to really thrive).

I was focused on the fact that I want to sew and generally create more, and didn’t see how I could set that up in someone else’s house, so I rented a little studio flat, popularly known as “self contained” in Nigeria. I lack soooo many things, even the most basic and still haven’t figured out how I’ll eat yet (So rich Yanah), but I got God, life, roof over my head, a pillow underneath and I have the Peace of God!!

It’s been hard not being in a position to help others out, in whatever little way I can (especially family) it’s really hard to hear of the needs of my immediate family and not be able to do anything, but I know my mom understands and I bless God for her everyday. Praying to be back in business soon.

Asides that, I currently don’t own a laptop anymore, and have none to work with anywhere, even at I work (the horror) had been using my personal laptop until that changed. Waiting on them to provide me with something to work with.  So my work days recently have been so bleh and unfulfilling, kinda feel like I shouldn’t have to be there.

Anywhoo because of this lack of a personal computer, I’m not able to post as often as I should, or actually form nice, detailed and interesting posts. I can only do ones like these (on my phone) that don’t involve pictures. So please bear with me guys. Gods fixing me up and settling my matter and I’ll be back to sharing with a bang. Amen!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I have absolutely no plans but let’s see what the day brings.

Take Charge,



  1. “Sometimes a lack of comfort is necessary to really thrive” i totally agree with this as i’m in a similar dilemma at the moment, contemplating moving out on my own once i’ve saved up enough. Also lost my laptop in November but i was lucky enough to get another one from my generous boss. graduating from university and getting excluded from the family budget unexpectedly throws one into adulthood, pretty tough. with a resilience you’ll make it through, keep pushing. nice piece.

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