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I have been mentally stressed, and yesterday I had a sleepless night because of it. I tell you adulthood is hard!!! BUT I have God, so he gives me peace. I’ve gone through stuff with my friends recently and just life in general, and I came to certain realizations (I honestly love when this happens), and even better, when other people confirm it, especially famous authors/writers or just anyone really and most especially the BIBLE. It makes my mental and spiritual growth all the more real.

I don’t see myself as so much of a follower, I obviously listen to people, take their advice and their opinions, and try to apply it where necessary, but only after I’ve had a personal conviction. I never really take anyones opinion as mine or as law without my own personal conviction about it, so I’ve never really been into reading inspirational/motivational books, the book where I get all my life lessons, inspiration and motivation from is the BIBLE and well devotionals sometimes. I’m of the opinion that I too can come up with these motivational/inspirational speeches from my own life experiences. This is why I rarely hold back in life, I open myself up to a lot, I have just really learnt how to give myself a safety net, that helps me stand when I fall, rather than building walls to block people out. I’ve learnt to live in each moment and whatever it brings, be it pain or joy, because I see it as a learning experience, and backed with God’s guidance, it in turn makes me grow (It’s not for everyone, I feel you need to really be in touch with your spirit, so know yourself and then decide to push your limits when necessary). In summary I’m determined to live life with balance and I am open to corrections, I have decided not to box anyone in and accept them for who they are at each point, I have no control over anyone, just over myself and what I can do to positively influence, so I concentrate on that and I have accepted that things are good till they are not and it’s a cycle but I just dwell on the good moments, while not ignoring the lessons from the bad.

Anyway, Sabirah (her blog) posted a picture on twitter, and it was the exact same thing I said when confronted with a situation about

We talked about it over the phone and she shared another picture:

giving 2

My friend Lola also just emailed this to me “I am Afraid all the time” it’s a great read and I agree with a lot of it, and will eventually explain it in my own words in this podcast I’m aiming to start. So if you have any contributions on this post, the pictures, and this last link please send me a voicenote to :, you can introduce yourself or you can leave it anonymous (to the listeners), I would like to feature your opinions on these topics on the podcast, please help me out guys.

Thanks so much.

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