Christmas of 2008

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Christmas of 2008. I started off December attending an Animation Workshop in Becej, Serbia and decided that instead of heading back to Nigeria immediately after, I’ll pass by Atlanta, through New York first. However, things didn’t go quite as planned.

Let me start off with my wait at Ataturk airport Turkey. My flight to NYC was delayed or cancelled (can’t quite remember) but I had a long wait at the airport, with the rest of the group who were headed back to Nigeria (their’s was moved to the next day and they had to connect through Egypt). I went to the customer service desk and met other men (of African descent) complaining, I walked over with a sad puppy face, looking all tired and informed them of my wait and how I’d really just like a warm bed to sleep in (at this point they had refused the other members of the group a hotel room, think it’s because they were headed to Nigeria). Anyways they ended up giving me a complimentary hotel room to stay in, and they had told the other guys that they had none. It was at this point that I realized Turkish guys had a thing for me, I mean their faces just changed when talking to me, they became flirty and smiley (a lot of other guys in the airport too). In fact some guys at the exchange office, wanted to take me for dinner into town (Istanbul) but I didn’t have a visa and they hadn’t started this new arrangement of if you have a valid British, American or Schengen multiple visa you can gain entry at the border.

Moving on…

I arrived New York. Now my boyfriend then had arranged for me to spend the night at his uncles’ house, then I’ll fly out to Atlanta the next day. This uncle picked me up, took me to dinner at red lobster and drove me around a very christmassy neighborhood.

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The next day everywhere was covered in snow, we still drove to the airport and they informed me that my flight was cancelled due to the weather and most flights wouldn’t be going for the next few days. At this point I was stuck, I didn’t wanna stay in this guys house any longer, I was meant to be with my Aunt by now, and my ticket lasted till January, surely I couldn’t spend my whole holiday with this somewhat stranger, who was leaving signals that he was “fond” of me. We tried to get a flight the next day , but none still, and this time we were snowed in. No movement.





white christmas
It really was a white christmas

I discussed with my then Bf, and we agreed that I would get on a bus to my family friends house in Maryland, it was a family house but it was only one son (who happened to be my friend as well) that was around, and well…

I got a refund for my ticket, my Aunt understood and agreed to my going to MD. My stay in MD was fun. I had my own room in this big house and of course food. I travelled with this christmas cake my Aunt (in Nigeria) had baked all the way from Nigeria, to Serbia and now to MD and gave it to my family friend. My sister who was schooling in Virginia at the time came down to MD, her then BF lived in Baltimore, so they took me to this all you can eat place, we went clubbing one time and went for cross-over service at a redeemed church in MD.

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Oh and I forgot to add that my friend had treated me to a Spa treatment for Christmas. That was also fun. So yeah, it was a good trip, with good times.

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I don’t have a lot of travel tips for these old posts because they were such a long time ago and can’t really remember the price of anything.

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