Stretched hairstyles

I found a go to hairstyle guys! It’s on stretched hair. Yeah yeah it involves heat but, I’m not gonna do it very often and besides I used a heat protectant. You can watch the video below to learn how I did it. I used the following products in the video:

ALikayUltra sheen

I bought the Alikay heat protectant oil here and the Ultra Sheen satin press on Amazon. I also used the Camille Rose coconut water, style setter from the previous post for added moisture and oil. I used it first before the protectant oil and then the ultra sheen pres.

Camille RoseI also think maybe you should use all the products at the blow-drying stage, and don’t use any products at the straightening stage.


Apart from that long process of blow drying first and then straightening your hair, you can equally use a hot comb on dry hair (be sure to detangle first). I did that the next time I wore this hairstyle, was so much quicker.

stretched IMG_8800

stretched IMG_8807

The hot comb is called the Andis high heat press comb (38300) just in case you wanna purchase it. I got mine on Amazon.

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