At this very moment, I’m sat in front of my desk at work in Abuja, Nigeria. I’m in a very bleh mood and I’m all of a sudden nostalgic. I’m somewhat missing Serbia, and it’s simpler life, thinking I should’ve maybe stayed to do a PhD, as I was also offered a scholarship for that, but I was pining for Nigeria.

I’m just suddenly tired of the adult life, and can’t wait to finally get settled in, and just thrive like I’m longing to. So many stuff I want to do and I want to start now, but things are just restricting and limiting me.

Serbia was simpler because I had free accommodation, free food (if ever I was too broke to make my own food/buy) and transport was somewhat free. So basically, one only needed money for toiletries and stuff like that. I also had a stipend of like 30,000 Naira monthly, that with my talents of keeping/handling money well, did really okay for me, and of course it gave me the chance to travel, because it was just easier, and my sewing and braiding hair kinda thrived there because it was kind of a rare service.

Anywhooo, I guess I’m gonna just go through old pictures and videos and maybe share some on instagram, twitter or facebook and think of happier and simpler times.

I’m still very hopeful, but I guess I could say I’m a little impatient. I just wanna speed past this part, and into the realization of all the interesting stuff/ideas I have.

How are you guys doing?

take charge,


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