Hello Atlanta…

Yo yo yo wasss poppin’??

In 2008, I was living in Abuja and serving (about Youth service/NYSC), working two jobs, as I think I’ve mentioned before.

Last time I had applied for an American visa was in 2001 I think, and so decided to apply again, to maybe visit my Aunt and my cousin (who I had never met), in Atlanta. Mind you, it’s usually a long thing when you’re no longer a student, but I had faith.

So I applied and they gave me just one month, meanwhile I was expecting another 2year visa . My Aunt V in Atlanta said it was important for me to use it, if not they may not wanna give me a visa again. So my Aunt sent me some money, I used some of my money and my Aunt in Abuja added a little to make this quick and impromptu trip happen. Obviously I took some time off work and traveled. Actually I think I may have stopped working by then.

So I bought a Virgin Nigeria airways ticket for about 100,000 Naira to London and from there I bought a return ticket on Delta to Atlanta for 400 pounds. That is how I made it to Atlanta oh.

My Aunt is a nurse, so she sent her friend who had a car company to come get me from the airport. Can I just say that Hartsfield-Jackson airport was one of the biggest airports I had ever been to, wow just wow.

Immigration actually carried me to one small room to question me further. There were cells behind the counter, and a number of us in there (the room, not the cells, not a criminal). I sat there, not nervous at all waiting for my name to be called, while watching the attendants.  I noticed one guy trying to pronounce my name, then he looked at my file and was like “why is she here?”. In my head I was like, “I’m wondering the same thing breda”. Anywho they finally called me up, asked me a few questions, even a trick question (asked if I was coming to visit my uncle, I told them it was my Aunt not uncle), if I hadn’t corrected them, that’s how I may have been detained, because then they would’ve thought I was lying.

Fast forward. Finally made it out, driver had gone and come back.

My stay in Atlanta was a quiet one, because my Aunt and Uncle were always working, and my cousin usually in school. So I spent most of my time, watching tv, using the internet, eating and cooking.


I did however find a friend from secondary school living in Atlanta, who came to take me out to the mall and we basically just goofed around. Thats when I fell in love with Wetzel’s Pretzels. 


I went to Maryland for a week though to visit my friend. There I had plenty fun, because my sister was there with her boyfriend, and we all partied and also a friend from Ghana also came out with us one of the nights.


My friend also took me shopping, and I think that was the first time a guy had ever picked out shoes for me all by himself. I wore the outfits out to the parties, and lots of people kept commenting on the shoes he picked out, especially guys. I guess he really did/does have good taste.



After a fun week in MaryLand, I went back to Atlanta, and then to London about a week after, also stayed in London for a bit and then finally back to Nigeria.

That’s the one and only time I’ve been to Atlanta, I really wanna go back.


Take Charge,



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