Calabar Carnival 2015

Happy New Year Everyone. Welcome to 2016, tagged Sweet 16 by my church. May it be a sweet 2016 for us all.

Over the holidays I went to Calabar in Cross River State to experience the Carnival/Festival they have every year from the 28th to 30th December. It was my first time visiting Calabar or Cross River State.

Can I just chip in that my life is not one of privilege but one of guilt-free opportunities and favor, like things just seem to happen for me, with little or no effort from me.

Anywho, I flew to Calabar from Abuja on the 28th of December with Air Peace, the flight was delayed for two hours though, so I missed the chance to dress up in a costume and join my friend in the Governors band , but I guess everything happens for a reason.

My friend got someone to pick me up from the airport, so can’t offer any tips on how much taxi fare is.  The roads were blocked, but I was dropped of on an adjacent street to the hotel Channel View HotelI stayed in what I think was a Royal Deluxe Room, you can check the above link for rates. The hotel is cozy and can I say convenient for party goers since the club/lounge Mayfair is on the premises and thats one of the very popular places people go to party in Calabar, this way you can just drunkly (if you drink) walk up to your room.

I got in, showered and changed into the outfit I made the previous day specially for the carnival.

Calabar carnival outfit diy
Carnival Outfit made by me.

I chilled with friends in Mayfair lounge, watching the carnival on TV, tracking their position and movement, until they started passing the hotel, and my friend walked in with Iyanya (cool huh), he sat next to me at some point so we had a lil chit chat, he’s pretty cool and he has this cute 16 year old sister who dragged him out to take pictures with her friends (I thought that was cute).

Hello Iyanya
Hello Iyanya
Take two
Take two

When the bands came around, I went out onto the street to take pictures and just watch all the colors and themes and whatnot. I saw some famous actors from Cross River pass, I don’t know their names unfortunately and I saw Donald Duke too riding on those quad bike looking car thingamajigs (he’s so handsome, I would like to see him with a beard).

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Was supposed to party later at the Mayfair Lounge Ciroc party but I slept like an old woman, I really kept struggling to get up from the bed and go, but my body wasn’t having it, I’ll just keep going back to sleep. I honestly feel that bed had jazz, because I just couldn’t get over the struggle, which happened to me a couple of times after.

The next day I was informed of a black party but I didn’t have anything black to wear, really didn’t pack properly. So I decided to go look for a dress to buy. There was this boutique in the hotel premises but they were calling 20k and stuff, so I asked the nice lady where I can go to find something to buy. She directed me to “Marian” I think that’s how it spelt. She also told me how much taxis generally cost, basically between 200-300 Naira.

Got a dress for about 4,000 Naira (lol yes I’m cheap) didn’t wanna spend more, when I have a multitude of black outfits at home. Actually had to stop a dua-dua (men who carry sewing machines around, to mend/sew stuff for people) to take the dress in for me a bit, since it was a little big.

black dress
The Black Dress I bought
Black party
Black party

The rest of the day I spent hanging with friends, eating fish and chilling. Oh before I forget, someone brought MC Galaxy (the guy that sang Sekem) to my friends room at Transcorp. We didn’t even know it was him at first, we kept asking him lol. He’s also nice and very chill, told us about his plans, shooting music videos and collabos and all.

On the 30th I was off to Port Harcourt in Rivers State. I got a taxi to where Calculux bus service was for like N500, but Calculux bus was full and I was to start the next one, couldn’t do that so looked for a Sienna and got the front seat. The car filled up really quickly, so we were off in no time. It cost  2,200 Naira, also saw Tinapa on my way out, and that my friends marks the end of my Calabar adventure.

I have already told my friend that I plan to come again in March so I can go to Kwa falls, possibly Obudu and Tinapa as well. Fingers crossed that I can make them all.

Thanks for reading, what did y’all get up to during the holidays?

Take Charge,


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