Sonia and the Wanderers Ep1 and 2

Hey guys,

How are y’all doing? So I decided to do this thing where I talk to fellow wanderers like me, people who share my passion to travel. It’s sort of like a series which I have decided to name

Sonia and the Wanderers

as seen in the title.

I had uploaded only one video before I came up with a name, and that video features Joke from Nigeria, who lives in the States. She’s been to the following countries: US, Canada, Mexico, Tunisia, Egypt, India, St. Maarten, Iceland, Philippines, Nigeria and she’ll be going to Grand Cayman next week (can anyone one say “travel envy?”) yup.

Her video is below:

Also I spoke with Ruth from Kenya, I met her in Serbia, and we became friends. She’s been to 20 countries and they are: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda and Egypt . To think these girls are both 25?? All I shall say is “Winning!!!” I haven’t actually met Joke in person, or ever skyped or face-timed her so it was nice to finally do that. Below is Ruth’s video.

I hope you enjoy them both.

Please share and feel free to chip in, in any way.

Take charge,





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