The traveling hairstylist

Let me tell you how I suddenly became a hairstylist.

I’ve always been a bit random when it comes to my hair. Never been into weaves because of the heat, only ever tried it once in my life, and I could only manage to keep it on for a week before practically ripping it off my head/hair. I stuck to styling my own hair (I used to cut my relaxed hair into styles a lot) or braids every once in a while.





I’m a very observant person, so naturally anytime my hair is being done in the salon, I’m always taking note of exactly what’s being done, never knew I’d have to use it though (specifically for braiding), not until I got to Serbia for my masters.

Due to the Serbian scholarship “The World in Serbia Project”, there are quite a number of international students from all over the world, Antigua, Grenada, Jamaica, Trinidad, Dominica, Mexico, Indonesia, Egypt, Congo, Namibia, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Iran, Tunisia just to mention a few (so many more I cannot remember). So naturally you get to interact and become friends with people from all over the world.

Getting there, I had to figure out how to maintain my hair because at this point I was natural for a year. Some of the black students knew how to braid hair but they were pretty expensive, so I decided to give braiding my hair a try. I checked out a few videos on youtube just to be sure of the techniques and went ahead to braid my own hair, by myself for the very first time ever. It turned out pretty good, though it was super heavy, because I made it bum length, thick and used only small boxes of my own hair, so it was quite full. It must’ve taken me about two days to finish, including food breaks, sleep and other random breaks. I also had to trim each braid, after I braided it, instead of waiting till I had finished to trim it. Wasn’t easy at all, but I was determined, because I wasn’t gonna give someone else all that money to make it.

First Braids I ever madebox braids


From then on, I started making other people’s hair and charging them a cheaper rate for it. And the more hair I made the better and faster I got. Now I’m pretty much like a professional, even with my speed.

Sometimes I would travel and be asked to make someone’s hair, especially within Nigeria, during my numerous visits. Even on my return I’ve made four people’s hair already and seems like I’m gonna keep doing that.

Below is a gallery of hair I’ve made that I managed to document, including all the hair/braids you see on me.

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So if I’m in your town and you want the traveling hairstylist’s magic hands handling your hair, you should holla. 🙂

Take Charge,


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