Traveling on A Budget

So I had been asked many times to talk about how I manage to travel so much without spending so much money. The above video was made to address that and help with traveling on a budget, but if it isn’t sufficient you could leave a comment or contact me for specific information,

I also wanted to add that before I went to school in Serbia, most of my trips were sponsored by government (ministry or parastatal), some company (through the NGO I was under) or family, as I mostly only attended conferences before my masters (Oh and we would do publicity in return). Very few holiday trips.

Getting to Europe for my masters I had some savings from work, but then also I would braid hair or make clothes, added to what the scholarship was giving me every month (like 30k), sometimes my friends would split my ticket or some family member/friends would just remember me suddenly and send me small pocket money (never really more 50k Naira though), once Bae paid, and yeah no sugar daddy’s or anything like that (fortunately or unfortunately). So, it’s not like I’ve ever really had so much money at a time, I just find a way to make the most of the little I have, it did really help that I was already in Europe.

I hope that covers most of it though.

Ps: My roomie used to sometimes give me an advance on the scholarship stipend, because my body sometimes itches me to travel, and can’t wait to gather everything, then would pay her back as I get my stipends. (She was also on a scholarship from Nigeria, so she got a lot more money than me, that only had the Serbian scholarship).

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  1. Hi Sonia, This is my first time on your blog and i’m loving it. I,ve been thinking of doing my masters in Europe for a while now and as you went to Serbia on scholarship, I’d really like to know more on the scholarship itself. Is there a website I can go and read more info?

    1. Hi, glad you’re here. Yay!! About the scholarship in Serbia, they’ve stopped the programme, so there are no longer any scholarships happening there unfortunately. However, the regular way is to go through the federal scholarship board? Take their exams and pray I guess? Or look online, for scholarships in schools in Europe. Hope you find something. It would be an awesome opportunity.

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