Poseidon called out to me… Part 2

So continuing from my last post and further answering Poseidon’s call, I left Athens and went back to Corfu, by bus and then a ferry.

My narrations, will have a few holes in them, because basically these are just memories, so I cannot remember every single thing and in the order I did them. But here goes…

I stayed at the Pink Palace Hostel, it’s mostly run by Americans/Canadians or really anyone that volunteers. On arrival they give you a free shot of some drink I didn’t know (Not like I know alcoholic beverages anyway). And then they check you in. I stayed in a room with two other people, we had our own bathroom in the room.

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I looked over the activities they had to offer and booked for the “Booze Cruise”, they also had a quad biking tour and some other stuff, you can find on their website. I had actually booked for the quad bike tour too, but something happened and they cancelled.

Not sure if I paid separately for that or it was included in the room price, but I had free meals. There was a separate venue for breakfast and then another for lunch and dinner, or I think I only got breakfast and dinner, all down the hill from the hostel. The stony beach was also down the hill.

I tanned so much while there, gosh I was so ‘black’. I made new friend’s though, three girls from Sweden who I keep in touch with every now and then via Facebook, some American guy, A Brazilian guy and this Australian girl. Oh lest I forget, some American guy who always seemed to have his weener out and had a radar for exposed somewhat private body parts. Like if there was a naked boob somewhere, even if he was nowhere in sight, he’d suddenly pop up.

Anyway, the “Booze Cruise” was basically the highlight of my stay in Corfu, I didn’t drink the whole cruise but I enjoyed observing. There was music and lots to drink, and they played lots of games. At some point we stopped at this one big rock and people went diving off it. I didn’t go because 1. It was too high, 2. I had to swim to the rock and then climb up it with wet feet (just didn’t seem possible to me) 3. I felt like it was all too much work, swimming to the rock, climbing up it, swimming back to the boat, just didn’t think I had energy for it. I did eventually jump off a rock, in a cave though, one that had jelly fish in the water. This was more feasible for me because I had a wall to lean on while climbing the sorta slippery rock (thanks to all the wet feet). When I got up though, I chickened out I could not move, I just froze, like I was legit freaking out, but there was no way down than to jump, so I just cleared my mind, stopped thinking and jumped. Immediately after, I swam straight to the boat, I didn’t even chill in the water with everyone else, my heart was still beating really fast.

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Ah before I forget an interesting part, they asked people to jump in nude or at least topless (for the girls) and they’d get free drinks. So one girl jumped in nude and a few others topless, while two guys jumped in Nude, including the Brazilian who seemed to be packing a lot of uhh *coughs* and obviously the Yankee with the nude radar. The Brazilian got all the girls’ attention though, some girl who was still in the water when he jumped, later came to ask me who he was, that she really didn’t see his face and the over enthusiastic Australian girl started following him around after seeing what she saw from that jump.

There were some fun truth or dare-like games played on a sandy beach we stopped over to chill at, I took part in one but then when it started going to far I excluded myself (lol, I just felt too old and I was older than everyone there). I was supposed to go skinny dipping at midnight with the Sweeds, but I got to the bed laid down and I felt like I was still on the boat, rocking and that’s how I slept off eventually, the Sweeds too . I heard everyone else had a blast that night though, especially the Aussie girl, she was apparently nude on the bar with people doing body shots off of her.

The rest of my time in Corfu, I spent chilling and reading on the beach, talking with my American friend, exploring with the Sweeds and eating. Also I made friends with the young and cute bus driver assigned to take me to the airport and he showed me around the centre of corfu before dropping me off. He and I discussed at length and he was just such a sweet guy, he told me about his family, his dreams, love and about Corfu.

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If you wanna do some major partying with a large crowd and on Sandy beaches? Corfu is probably not the place for you, try maybe Zakinthos or Mykonos (haven’t been to either, but I’ve heard a lot, also research) , but Corfu is for those who don’t like a crowd but wouldn’t mind a little partying here and there, and the beaches are pebbly. I didn’t party at all though. It’s weird but partying doesn’t appeal to me so much when I travel, like it’s not anywhere near the top of my list of things to do.

I didn’t really buy anything there, so really can’t tell you if it’s a cheap place or not, but most places that attract a lot of tourists aren’t so cheap. I remember wanting to order a lobster at some restaurant around and them saying it was 80 euros, but I think it was 1kg.

Below is a video of the Brazilian and I, please translate if you can. We made it for a friend of mine.


Ps: Two of the Swedish girls bought my Ankara earrings and wore them, sadly I only brought them out at the end of the trip. They said, if I had brought them out earlier, they would’ve bought one for each day.

My Swedish Friends
My Swedish Friends

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  1. Lovely. Nice you even sold our stuff there. Been to Mykonos but just for about 10 hours via a boat from Santorini. Spent the whole time at Princess Beach.
    Haha at the Brazilian uncle.

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