My first trip to Greece was to Thessaloniki in the year 2001, I went for a conference/program (I’m actually checking my cv at this moment to be sure of what I went for). It was the 3rd World Summit on Media for Children, I went as a Unicef child representative, and was probably the one and only time I flew business class.

I and one other Nigerian boy went as the child delegates from Nigeria, while my Aunt, Nkem Oselloka-Orakwue (the lady who used to tell the stories in tales by moonlight and my moms older sister), one other lady and Mr. Cyril Stober from NTA news were the adult representatives from Nigeria.

It was an all expense paid trip of course and I was even given pocket money . They put us in this nice hotel, can’t remember the name now though, since it was such a long time ago.

Anyway, this trip was the first time I remember meeting a Ghanian, also lots of South Africans and an Australian. I also met the creator of Pokemon and got to interview the, then Executive Director of UNICEF, Carol Bellamy.

It was a really fun trip as I made lots of friends, especially from South Africa, and one Australian girl, both of us were practically inseparable. I remember visiting the South Africans hotel (can you imagine their government sponsored 60 of them to this program?) with her and playing truth or dare and making prank calls to random hotel rooms.

I feel so gutted that I cannot access my yahoo email then, to get these people’s info and possibly try to reconnect. But I will always remember them.

Unfortunately, since it was such a long time ago, I do not have any pictures from this event, my mom or aunt should have some, but they are physical copies.

My next two posts (may be one, who knows) will be about my more recent trips to Greece and they come with pictures and I think some videos 

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