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So as I said in my introduction, or at least I think I did, this blog is not only about traveling, it’s about everything I’m passionate about and another of those things is sewing. I love to make my own clothes and for others as well. I’m not really into fashion, I don’t follow trends or even know about them, I don’t read magazines at all, or follow articles and blogs about fashion on the latest trends, actually have no interest in any of those things, but I just like the creative process, the actual sewing. I design as well, but nothing too major.

Like I said I got into it from when I was a kid, then later I just used to design for my friends to sew, and sometimes would sit with the tailors to explain and make sure they get it right (a lot of these tailors can just sew, but they don’t always know how to put the outfit together). I did this a lot when I was schooling in Ghana and also when I came back. Actually planned on starting a label with my friend, even registered the name, but never really went through with it. May actually need to resurrect that name again. Then I decided to take some basic classes at my local tailors shop in Abuja. Made a few things but never really took it up, until I got to Serbia and realized I had some time on my hands while I was in the language school. So when I was in Prague I entered a Tesco and bought my very trusty Singer sewing machine.


So out of all the trips I’ve blogged about I think it’s only two of my pieces from my wardrobe that I wore and they were both made for my Antalya trip.


I made only the skirt in the above picture, and the crop top and skirt in the bottom picture.


I got the fabric from a local store in Belgrade, it was like entering a candy shop. I usually buy about 1 and a half meters or two meters, and sew as much as I can with it. Oh and the bucket bag I’m carrying, I also made it with ankara fabric.

That’s about it for this post.

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