Turkish Delight…Part 3

Hi y’all, sorry I took so long I had been traveling. Just to let you guys know I achieved my 30countries by age 30 goal, still not 30 yet though, birthday is November.

Any who, my next trip to Turkey was to Antalya, April 2014. I was going to meet up with my friend and his friends, so it was a group trip. I made a very big mistake trying to save money on my ticket by paying for a flight to the other Turkish airport, the one on the Asia side, and by doing that I required a Turkish visa, I couldn’t use my Schengen, because that is only allowed when you fly with Turkish Airlines and to Ataturk airport. So take note guys, so you don’t make the same mistake. Fortunately for me, I got my visa the same day I had applied because I had already bought my return ticket.

Yeah, so, took another flight from Istanbul to Antalya and then a taxi to the hotel my friend was at. Which was Ramada Plaza Hotel, a very beautiful hotel with an infinity pool and even a diving centre behind it, you also have access to the Mediterranean. The view from the room was awesome as well.

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So it was four girls and one guy, I met the other three girls there. The first night we went to look for something to eat and found a nice little restaurant very close to the hotel. Not sure how many days we were there and the order of activities, can’t really remember, but I know we did a little sight-seeing, took a bus to Lara beach, messed about there, made a music video at the beach. Wole and I went para-sailing, and I must say that was the most peaceful experience ever. It’s like nothing in the world can harm you up there. While we took turns to go up, the others were having a party, and when we were both done, we just sailed around a danced. Oh and I saw a turtle swimming while I was up there. We also went jet skiing and basically just had a fun time out.

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The hotel has a lovely spa which we took advantage of, all of us did different things, I just went to the turkish bath and then the jacuzzi where the rest met up with me (I made the grey swimsuit out of old leggings). Later that night we went for dinner, at some restaurant not too far from the hotel that’s popular for its seafood, it’s called Lara Balik Evi. Wole and I decided to be adventurous one morning and go scuba diving, while the girls went shopping I think. Scuba diving, was awesome but I didn’t last the whole 30minutes under there because I was trying to swim and exerting too much energy, so I was weak and panicky, so I went back up after 15minutes while Wole went the whole 9yards. Also the lady that went with us had the worst timing, because she didn’t have the sense to take pictures when the fish were about. Smh .Our last night, we went clubbing, but it was kinda empty because it wasn’t a club night, but it was still an interesting time, though I left early with one of the other girls. Was an awesome time and was an awesome group trip which I’m not used to (as a lone traveler).

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Last trip was to Istanbul on my way back from Nigeria in September 2014. Wasn’t really a trip though just a stopover and it was so long, I decided to go on Turkish Airlines free tour. Paid for my visa and met up with the rest of the group, they gave us breakfast and lunch for free and took us on a quick tour round I think the centre of Istanbul. I made some friends on the tour, including this hot Chinese/American guy, who helped me take this awesome picture. hellosoniaWe even became friends on Facebook. Some of my tour mates took pictures with me and other randoms, because they were fascinated by my hair I reckon.

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So thats all for my delightful Turkey, I have so many more plans for Turkey, because I just love the place and encourage everyone to visit.

Ps: Currently, I’m in Ataturk airport, Istanbul. I’m moving back to Nigeria. 

Take Charge,


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