Turkish Delight… Part 2

Hey guys,

Can I just say it took all of me to come here and work on this post. I’ve just been tired and stressed, because I’m moving back to Nigeria, have so much to do and so much on my mind. Anyway, lets get straight to the post.

So yes, my beloved Turkey. After those first three times, I visited Turkey again in 2012, after my internship in Serbia and my mini euro-tour. I used Turkish Airlines to go to Serbia and did a multi-destination trip, Lagos-Belgrade-London-Turkey-Lagos. So I had a three day stopover in Turkey. (remember to register for a mileage card, it comes in handy).

How I payed for this particular trip will come up later in my post about my internship in Belgrade, Serbia (I’m sure y’all are wondering). So umm, wait for it… 

2012, I had bought a domestic ticket to Dalaman, but I had so much time to kill before my trip, obviously I decided to enter Istanbul. On my walking to the train station at the airport, I met this guy from Congo who saw me looking rather lost. He walked up to me and offered help, so I told him straight up “yo dawg, I’m outchea tryna kill some time, namsaying, but I dunno where to go, can you dig it?“,  I obviously didn’t say that but I guess y’all can dig it. He offered to go with me and show me around, so I was like “sure“.

We took a train to some place, can’t even remember where (he payed for my ride), then we took a cab to a mall (I payed for the cab), somewhere in Taksim I think and we basically just chilled there the whole time. I went window shopping, all the while my new Congolese friend hanging around, then he bought me dinner and after that we went to an arcade and played some random games (I payed for those, see how we splitting the bills). Later we walked around Taksim, and he went on about how brave and impressive I am, to be traveling alone like this, and how he’s so glad that I even decided to talk to him. He then suggested that we go see his friend who has a shop or something in the area, so we started walking (at this point I was getting scared yo, like what if this dude trying to kidnap me and stuff). Long story short, I met his friend, I was safe, we added each other on Facebook, they walked me back to the train station, paid for my ride again and told me to take the train to the last stop (the airport). That was fun and adventurous wasn’t it?

Flew to Dalaman that night, got a havas bus from the airport to Marmaris and you can get more info on that here. I had paid for a hotel already, not sure how I found it but I think hostelbookers.com , took a cab from the final bus station to the hotel. Moving around Marmaris was pretty easy and cheap and most people allow you pay in pounds and/or euros. Their local corner stores even offer money exchange services. It’s a tourist destination, so they are prepared for you lot.

I had already paid for a bunch of activities online, my hotel, cheap and simple came with breakfast buffet, and the activities came with lunch/dinner depending on the length of the activity and a pick up from your hotel.

The three days I was there, I hardly slept. I even lost my voice at some point because of lack of sleep I think. I went on a boat cruise, then also a Turkish moonlight dinner cruise (They had pretty turkish dancers on this, it was good fun) and finally to Pamukkale.

Speaking of Pamukkale, you guys really need to go, its absolutely beautiful and relaxing. The ride could be pretty long, depending on where you are going from, as it’s accessible from a lot of popular tourist destinations, but they make a stop or two for food, one meal is free. I was basically the only black person there so I got a lot of stares. I also experienced my first fish spa treatment there, which left my feet fresh for like 6 months. Those fish really just get into it. 

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Oh, I have to gist you guys though, on the daytime boat cruise, there was this photographer who kept flirting with me, mostly by touching my feet, he had such a sexy back too. He took loads of pictures of me, I even got to drive/sail the boat. Usually he will put all your photos on a cd that each guest will pay for and he will deliver it to your hotel. But because dude liked me, I didn’t pay for mine, not only did he deliver it to my hotel, he took me out for dinner and then for drinks and dancing. I met some really crazy British girls out, and me too I was forming coming from London, even gave them British accent just for seasoning you know (A lot of British tourists out there). By the time we were done, it was already time for me to be heading back to Dalaman, so he took me to my hotel and then to the bus stop, where he waited till I was off. Such a sweet guy, we even kept in touch up until last year. On the bus, I had to pay for my ticket but I was out of cash, and the driver’s pos machine wasn’t working (so please make sure you have cash always), some nice lady paid for me though, and I withdrew the money from the machine at the airport and gave it back to her (people are really nice ).

I think thats enough detail about this particular trip, I don’t want the post to be extremely long, already have to do a part three. Sigh.

Omg… I almost forgot to gist you guys something (sorry that this post is so long). On my way back I went into Istanbul again, but because of my lack of sleep I booked a hostel to just go and sleep for a couple of hours before my flight back to Lagos. I took a shuttle bus to the centre and well I was lost. So I started asking people around for directions, asked one black girl and she told me not to ask people because it’s not safe (she didn’t even help me at the end of the day, smh). Asked one last guy and he knew it (Thank heavens). We got into a cab, him in the front seat, and I in the trunk (lmao, back seat obviously). We got to the hostel, but had to walk a bit, cause the taxi couldn’t stop directly in front (he payed for the cab), then my guy started to solicit me for sex . He said “I is number one sex, I come you?” Dudeeeee, I just pretended like I didn’t understand what he was saying, at this point I picked up pace, my guy was still cheesing and following me. I entered the hostel and he was still beckoning at me, for him to come. He actually stayed outside, which I was happy about, I think maybe they have some rule about strangers (non-guests) coming in. Mann, I checked in and went upstairs, my guy still stood there for a while, eventually he got tired and left and that was the end of that.

Oh useful info, I had paid for a shuttle bus back to the airport and also set my alarm. I almost thought I missed my flight but it was time difference that got me.

Finally I’m done.

Take charge


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