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Since our family moved back to Nigeria, I’ve been to the U.K numerous times. I cannot really remember how many. I usually just go to London but on few occasions I have been to places like Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Oxford, Manchester, Coventry, Buckingham and others I cannot remember for now.

I actually grew tired of going there, wasn’t as exciting for me anymore, but I visited a lot because well,  I have a lot of friends and family there, oh and to me it’s the place in Europe that has the widest variety of food. And food excites me, junk food especially. 🙁

Moving around London can be long and expensive. I usually get an oyster card, put some money in it, but on a day that I have a lot of places to visit I get a day travel card. London has lots to do, from, food/restaurants, to the pubs and other random actuates like ice skating, amusement parks, roller skating discos and rooftop cinemas. If you’re really serious about having fun, you sure will.

Places to go/things I enjoyed doing in London:

Camden Town: It’s usually very busy, food , shops and markets, and lots of street entertainers. I had some lovely antelope meat there, or was it giraffe meat? I know it was definitely some strange meat. It’s also a good place to buy souvenirs and funny t-shirts for a good price.

Roller Disco was mega fun, hadn’t done any sort of skating in years. Unfortunately they are closed now and looking for a new venue. You can click on the link if you’d like to keep up with them. You could also check out Skating Haven in east London or Silver spoons roller disco. I’ve never been to either of the two but they are alternatives.

HelloSonia     HelloSonia

Rent a Barclays or Santander bike (dunno what it’s called these days) from one of their many pick up points. My friend Jite and I rented from St. Johns Wood and rode to Hyde Park, where we eventually dropped of the Bike. Be careful though because it seemed like the route we took didn’t have many bicycle lanes, so we ended up on the road with cars which was a bit frightening. I used my card to pay and they charge you after you’ve returned the bike, according to how long you spent on it (click here to find out exactly how it works). We bought some junk food and had a quick picnic Hyde park.

IMG_3403                IMG_3404

Go watch a movie (usually old/classic movies) at the rooftop cinema at the Queen of Hoxton, Shoreditch. I got the information from Time Out London, very good place to look for activities and events.

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Eat Eat Eat!!! Eat as much as you can, wherever you can. Eat a lot of street food too. I enjoyed eating at Byron for burgers and milkshakes, Loco Mexicano, My Old Dutch for pancakes, Busaba for Thai, Cafe Rouge for breakfast, brunch at The Diner and so many more that I cannot remember at the moment.

Hang out at Soho, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and the likes. Oh and if you have an event you want to look gorgeous for say like for Ascot or anything at all? Get styled by Metrogypise.

Ps: Don’t forget to experience the Notting Hill carnival oh and also winter wonderland.

Anywho, wanna see some pictures??

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