First trip ever!!

Hey, so I’m back with the juice. No need to dilly dally, lets get straight to it.

My first ever trip out of my birth country Nigeria, was to the United Kingdom, Battersea, London to be precise. I moved with my mom at the age of two. She left my sisters behind in Nigeria, still not sure about the reason for this but umm, I’m guessing because I was the youngest at the time and felt she still needed to pay more attention to me. We later went back to Nigeria to get my sisters though, especially because my mom realized I was lonely, and started having too many imaginary friends for her to keep up with. I had lots of toys though, so I was well entertained.


Any who I lived there for about 7 years I think, did nursery and primary school there and moved back to Nigeria at the age of 10. They were my formative years so I was very exposed and outspoken. I grew up around a lot of Jamaicans and British people (obviously). Can’t remember much about nursery school but as I type, I have this picture in my head of me playing house, cooking food for my husband and yelling at him for coming home late from work, but also welcoming him with a hug and a kiss. The nursery school actually had like a play ‘one-storey building house’ set up, with the bedroom downstairs and the kitchen upstairs, what a weird set up right? (it’s possible I remember that part wrong). Anyways they also had this section for skills, they had a hairdressing station, carpenter, mechanics and so on, so apart from me playing house and cooking dinner, I was always at the hairdressing station. Now that I think about it, I see why I have some of the skills I have now, which are cooking and styling/making hair. So parents, what you allow your children play with or what they get into at very young age has an influence on how they turn out.

I went to a public primary school ‘Christ Church’ in Battersea. I was actually a tom boy, the youngest and tiniest in my class but somehow was also a bully, and girls, even some guys, were oddly scared of me. I used to hang out with the male bullies, who were much bigger than me (white boys), so I’m guessing thats why people were afraid? Because of my clique?

* I have a large forehead now, it’s probably because I was always banging my head as a kid, into walls, doors, even slides :/ Such a rough child.

I loved to play rugby and runners (it’s like baseball kinda) and still found myself playing all those girly clapping games and then of course the usual playground scene. I also used to lie a lot, like my imagination was fire. I once threw a stone at one of my bully friends and when he started bleeding I started crying (imagine that, a bully crying after committing a bully act… beats me). Whilst being comforted I was asked why I was crying and I said “my mom has this calculator, if she presses some buttons, she can see everything I’ve done, she’ll see this and I will get into trouble”. Brethren, they believed that very silly lie, but at the time it made sense. If you ask me I was a visionary, a nine year old at that time thinking of such an invention (I was made for greatness).

*I would like to add, that I’m no longer a liar, I’m actually rather honest, I’m learning to tone my honesty down a bit (delivery), but I guess I needed to be a chronic liar to appreciate the importance of honesty (hehe).

Moving on, my mom had a church, yes she was a Pastor, she also had a youth club, like a summer/after school program for kids. So we always used to go on trips. Ice skating (I was a natural my first time), went to Crystal Palace ( mostly for swimming), Chessington Zoo/World of Adventures, Thorpe park and the likes, we even went camping (hang on, I think my school organized that). Went to beaches, lots of fun fairs and even got a hot air balloon once and also used to have a lot of sleep overs. Lets just say I had a very active childhood, I played so much and was encouraged to express myself. (Another tip for parents). Also learnt how to ride a bike at he age of 7, and also roller blades, though I only did that in the house, but it helped me when I finally went ice skating.

I really feel like being involved in all those activities also influenced/fueled my love for adventure, and outdoor/extreme sports and activities.

So yeah, that was basically how I started off.

Take Charge, (I got it from my mom, it’s basically saying you should take charge of your life, rather than just being careful. My mom uses it every time and has influenced lots of people to do so. So I’ve also incorporated it).



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